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Play Em’ or Bench Em’: Week 11

Hello owners,

Three more weeks! Who’s excited!? This guy right here. Final stretch and you’re either fighting for a playoff spot, trying to better your seeding or playing spoiler on your way to the consolation bracket. Regardless of your situation, keep pushing through and do the best you can. Even if you’re not destined for the winning championship bracket, go out there and win the consolation prize! Dang it, it’s been a long season and you deserve something for your hard work and effort. Go out there, put your best starting lineup on the field and go kick some virtual fantasy football butt! Let’s hear your battle cry! Ahhh! Let’s take this fiery momentum and move onto the players that should be in your starting lineup this week.

~Take note as these teams are on a bye this week: Carolina Panthers, Indianapolis Colts, New York Jets and San Francisco 49ers~

***Obvious players like Tom Brady, Le’Veon Bell, Antonio Brown and Travis Kelce and other players of that caliber will not be featured in these columns***

Play Em’


-Russell Wilson v. Atlanta Falcons (Monday Night)

  • The Seattle Seahawks offense is playing out of its’ mind right now. Okay it’s more of Russell Wilson, but he’s making everyone around him better. He’s playing like a MVP candidate and with the extra time to get healthy and prepare for this Monday night showdown, it could be yet another high scoring affair from the Seahawks. Their opponent, the Atlanta Falcons, isn’t quite sure of themselves. They’ve been struggling to find and identity on the offensive side of the ball and haven’t been consistent on the defensive side either. Nonetheless, with all the injuries piling on the Seahawks defense, the Falcons have the talent to take advantage and put up some points on the board. This game has potential to be a shoot-out and with the Seahawks running game non-existent, Wilson will have to continue his outstanding performance and lead his team down the field to score. Start number three this week.

-Derek Carr v. New England Patriots

  • The Patriots defense has slightly improved over the course of the season. However, that doesn’t mean it’ll be able to handle teams with high powered offenses. Sure Derek Carr and the Raiders haven’t quite lived up to expectations this year, but they’re starting to figure things out too. From a fantasy perspective, the Patriots still give up the most amount of points to opposing quarterbacks. Also don’t forget the Raiders defense isn’t that great either and this game could be the highest scoring of all week 11. If you drafted Carr as high as he was projected this off-season, you’ve probably been disappointed, but this week he surely will not disappoint owners on his way to what should be a top 3 performance at his position.

-Jay Cutler v. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  • Oh no, not Jay Cutler again. Yeah, yeah. I know it’s hard seeing me list Jay Cutler in this column AGAIN, but did you see his performance two weeks ago against the Oakland Raiders? By far his best fantasy game of the season putting up a 30 burger. Well, if you didn’t know the Buccaneers are even worse on defense. Maybe this should be this week’s streamer option, but I decided against because I know how much you all love when I feature Jay Cuter in this column. I’m happy, you should be happy, Jay Cutler will be happy. Looking at the top ten at the quarterback position in fantasy, I would start Cutler over players like Matthew Stafford (@Bears), Drew Brees (Redskins), Dak Prescott (Eagles) and Jared Goff (@Vikings). Start any of the Miami Dolphins players this week.

-Carson Wentz at Dallas Cowboys (Sunday Night)

  • The Eagles hold the best record in the NFL through ten weeks and a lot of it has to with their young ascending superstar Carson Wentz. Wentz has exceeded expectations in year two and it has him atop the MVP conversation. Talking fantasy football he’s currently the #2 quarterback. He’s put up massive point totals in almost every game this season, even against some of the best defenses in the league. This kid is a must start on a weekly basis moving forward. This week he’ll get a Cowboys team without their star running back and a defense that’s much improved, but still has holes. The Dallas Cowboys have struggled against quarterbacks currently in the top 10 this season and fun fact, they’ve played them all at home in the Jerry World Dome. I expect Wentz and the Eagles to continue their magical 2017 season with another great offensive showing on Sunday night.


-Drew Stanton at Houston Texans

  • Since Drew Stanton has been the starter for the Cardinals the team is 1-1. Stanton isn’t going to lead your team to the playoffs as a weekly starter, but in his two games as the head honcho he’s averaging 17.63 points. For a streaming option that’s not bad. This week he’ll get a more favorable match up as the Texans have allowed 70.60 points to quarterbacks in the last two games. TWO GAMES. Granted the one was to Russell Wilson who put up 40+, but still even Jacoby Brissett was able to put almost 25 down on the Texans defense. Texans keep losing all their stars to injuries this season and it’s clearly taking a toll on both sides of the ball. If you’re quarterback is on a bye or has a bad match up this week, give Stanton a go.

Running Back

-LeSean McCoy at Los Angeles Chargers

  • With the addition of Kelvin Benjamin it’ll help take some players out of the box. This will help give LeSean McCoy get more one-on-one opportunities in the open space, where he’s one of the best at eluding would-be tacklers. The Chargers have struggled defending the run all season long and now they’ll have a date with one of the best backs in the league in what should be a good weather game. The Bills’ offense runs through their pro-bowl running back and with the added play-maker in the passing game it’ll help open some running games lanes for McCoy to finagle through for some big yardage plays. If you’re a Bills fan you have to be excited for the team moving forward this season as it can beat you in more than one way now.

-DeMarco Murray at Pittsburgh Steelers (Thursday Night)

  • The Steelers have struggled against the Titans in recent memory and this could be another instance where the Steelers come up short. The Steelers give up just over 180 yards passing per game, which is fine for the Titans because they like to use their “exotic smash mouth” running scheme to win games. With DeMarco Murray leading the way and finally healthy for the first time all season, this could be his “break-out” game and his highest scoring total of the year. The Titans win this game by winning time of possession and they can do that with their running attack. The combination of Murray and Derrick Henry are both fine starts this week, but I’ll give the edge to Murray because he’s the top back and we’ve seen what big, physical, brutes of men can do this Steelers defense. <Insert Leonard Fournette waiving over Mike Mitchell and then running over him.> Trolling? No, not really, just facts.

-Adrian Peterson at Houston Texans

  • I’m not a conspiracy theorist or anything of that nature, but Adrian Peterson since joining the Cardinals has been up and down in performances. Seriously though, his first game he scored nearly 25 points, the next game was a dud as he was under 5 then a bye week. Following the bye week he ran all over the 49ers as he got his highest rushing total of the season at 159 and 16 points. Then just last week on Thursday night football he was once again held to under 5 points. If history repeats itself, which it sometimes does, Peterson is in line for another strong performance off some extra days rest.

-Melvin Gordon v. Buffalo Bills

  • The Buffalo Bills defense has been its strong suit this season, but they give up a lot of points to versatile running backs. Seeing as how Melvin Gordon is used in both the running and passing game, it could be a big day for the Wisconsin product. The Chargers are a lot better than what their record indicates as it’s been that way the last couple of seasons. Phillip Rivers is clearly the most known and arguably the best quarterback in franchise history, but Melvin Gordon is the catalyst of this team and the Chargers run their offense through him. If the Chargers want to win this game they’ll use and abuse their star running back.


-Orleans Darkwa v. Kansas City Chiefs

  • This injury riddled Giants team has been reduced to really just three offensive play-makers outside of the quarterback position. Tight end Evan Engram, wide receiver Sterling Shepard and versatile running back Orleans Darkwa. Darkwa gets a lot of volume in the backfield as he’s clearly the favorite between the never ending spinning door of backs. His ability to create space and get that extra yard is what sets him apart from the other backs on the Giants roster. With this team spiraling downhill and struggling to muster any consistent play from much of their players, Darkwa has been one of the few to produce almost on a weekly basis. Give the kid shot this week if you’re in a pinch.

Wide Receiver

-Keenan Allen v. Buffalo Bills

  • The star receiver for the Chargers has been quiet in recent weeks. Allen also hasn’t had a receiving touchdown since week one of this season. I don’t if it’s Adam Thielen or if I just have a feelin’, but something is telling me that Keenan Allen will find the end-zone this week. Maybe, just maybe even twice. If you don’t like this logic, then you can continue scrolling, but if you’re a Keenan Allen owner then keep on reading. Allen is clearly the best receiver on the team and Phillip Rivers loves throwing his way. The Buffalo Bills started the season off strong, but are on a two game skid and have to travel to Los Angeles. Oh and did I mention the Bills are just 1-3 on the road this season and give up an average of 10 more points on the scoreboard. I don’t know about you, but I’m Digging the match up this week. It needs to Murray up and get here. Don’t ask about the Vikings references, I really have no idea why. Just roll with it.

-Michael Crabtree v. New England Patriots

  • This spot realistically could be Amari Cooper too, but we’ll go with the guy that’s been more consistent all year long and gets touchdowns. Who doesn’t like touchdowns in fantasy right? The Patriots defense has been much improved during the second half of the season, but that doesn’t mean the Raiders won’t be able to put up some points. The Patriots are also in the bottom 5 against receiver in fantasy. This game should highlight a plethora of starting fantasy options on the offensive side of the ball and you won’t want to miss out. Start everyone! As our friend Big D says, even start the water boy if you can.

-Brandin Cooks at Oakland Raiders

  • Is it too obvious to mention both the Raider’s receivers? Yeah it probably is, so let’s go on the opposite side of the field and mention the top receiver for the Patriots. It was mentioned earlier that this game could be a shoot-out and that’ll benefit almost all offensive players in this game. Cooks hasn’t exactly lit up the fantasy world this season, but he’s been consistent enough to be started in almost all leagues. This week he should have his best scoring total since week 3 where he had 131 yards and 2 touchdowns. Add in that Brandin Cooks is the healthiest receiver for the Patriots as Danny Amendola, Chris Hogan, and Rob Gronkowski have been battling injuries for most of the year. In a game that could see a lot of offense and points on the board, at some point you have to think how long can the banged up players take. I’m trusting Cooks to have a huge game this week and you as owners should too.

-Jarvis Landry v. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  • We all know who Jay Cutler’s favorite target is. It’s the defense, but in all seriousness Landry in a contract year has produced for his team as he’s the league leader in receptions and on pace to shatter his career high in touchdown receptions. This week features the team the Dolphins should have faced in week one, but due to a hurricane had to be rescheduled for this week. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense has not played well this year and have disappointed. The Buccaneers also have some injuries in the secondary and might have a hard time covering one of the best slot receivers in the league. Cutler loves to give Landry the ball and it’s bound to happen a lot this week in Miami.


-Nelson Agholor at Dallas Cowboys (Sunday Night)

  • When Jordan Matthews was an Eagle he would dominate in Cowboys secondary annually. Well, Jordan Matthews is not in Buffalo and Nelson Agholor is arguably playing better than Matthews ever did from the slot. If the trend continues and the Eagle’s slot receiver comes up big again, Nelson Agholor could have a big game for you this week. This is the last waive of bye weeks so if you need one last streaming option, Agholor is a legit option as this could be another dominating performance for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Dede Westbrook at Cleveland Browns

  • Allen Hurns is banged up and might be out some time. Before Westbrook sustained an injury, he was tearing it up in preseason. He looked like the best receiver on the team at moments. This will be the first game action Westbrook will see in the regular season all year and with all the injuries on offense he could fill in and step up right away. He’s a sneaky pick-up and potential player to stash on your bench moving forward. Keep an eye out for his stat line come Sunday.

Tight End

-Zach Ertz at Dallas Cowboys (Sunday Night)

  • Another one of Carson Wentz’ favorite targets this year should also be started. Ertz missed the game before the bye week, so he’s had two weeks to recover from an injury. Ertz is having a career year and Wentz will surely want to help him continue that stat padding. Noting much more to say except that you should be starting Zach Ertz this week and almost every week.

-Mercedes Lewis at Cleveland Browns

  • The Browns give up the third most points to tight ends in fantasy. Mercedes Lewis is very inconsistent as far as fantasy goes, but he has had some huge games this season. With Allen Hurns going down with an injury and expected to miss some time, Lewis is going to have to step up and get more involved in the offensive scheme. The Jaguars are slowly running out of people to catch the ball, but if they get Lewis more involved into the offense he could be a late year waiver wire MVP pick up. On paper, Lewis is due to explode in the stat sheet this week.

-Jared Cook v. New England Patriots

  • Along with Michael Crabtree, Jared Cook has been one of the more consistent players on the Raiders roster as far as fantasy goes. Cook leads the team in receptions and yards. Derek Carr has built a nice rapport with his free agent tight end this year and I don’t see the two slowing down anytime soon. Cook has had a surprising fantasy year as he’s in the top 10 at the position. If you drafted Cook or got him early in the year off waivers, you should continue to roll with him.

-Vernon Davis/Jordan Reed at New Orleans Saints

  • The Washington Redskin’s wide receivers aren’t getting it done. It seems like the running backs and the tight ends are the only people that want to be play-makers for Kirk Cousins. This week they’ll face a Saints defense that’s been playing out of their mind after their 0-2 start to the season. With Marshon Lattimore locking down whoever the top receiver is for the Redskins this week, the tight ends will once again have to step up and help the offense drive down the field. Obviously I like whoever the starter will be, but both players might be a solid option if Reed is active.


-Denver Broncos v. Cincinnati Bengals

  • The Broncos defense has allowed 92 points the last two games. That’s a crazy amount of points in two games. The NoFlyZone is greatly missing TJ Ward this season and is getting no help from their offense. However, they have played two of the top quarterbacks in those weeks. Granted if you go by the best defense in the league you should allow them to drop 40+ points each, but that’s beside the point. This week should allow the Broncos defense to get back on track as they’re going up against Andy Dalton and the Cincinnati Bengals. Dalton has a history of throwing multiple interceptions in a game and the Broncos can stop AJ Green, they can take over the game on defense for the first time in weeks. They’ve been a hard unit to play recently, but they should get back on track this week.

-Baltimore Ravens at Green Bay Packers

  • The Ravens defense has been living up to the off-season hype in recent weeks. Coming off the bye week they’ll get a Packers team struggling to move the ball on offense. Brett Hundley is banged up with a hamstring injury and will be hampered if he plays. If he’s inactive, that’s enough to warrant a Ravens defense start in itself. Aaron Rodgers made this offense click and without him it’s not as effective. The Ravens haven’t been consistent all year long, but this is a game where they should completely dominate on the defensive side of the ball.

-Jacksonville Jaguars at Cleveland Browns

  • The Jacksonville Jaguars probably have the best defense in all of football right now. Defense wins championships and this defensive unit is carrying them into the playoff conversation and even a Super Bowl contender. The Browns are 0-9 and lead the league in turnovers. This isn’t going to be a pretty game for the worst record team in the NFL. Add in that safety Tashaun Gipson wants to drop 40 points on his former team, which he probably wants to score at least a touchdown in that total. Start the Jaguars defense comfortably this week.

-Kansas City Chiefs at New York Giants

  • Eli Manning and the Giants are free falling as a team. There are rumors swirling that Davis Webb could replace Eli Manning, Ben McAdoo will be fired among other things. This team has no identity anymore and is arguably the worst team in the NFL. Head coach of the Chiefs, Andy Reid, has an outstanding record after his bye. Reid and his team should take care of business quite easily this week.

Bench Em’


-Andy Dalton at Denver Broncos

  • The Bengals haven’t been playing very well recently and now travel to Denver where, for the most part, is a tough place to play. Andy Dalton will be the first non-MVP quarterback candidate the Broncos have faced in the last 3 weeks. The NoFlyZone is surely licking their chops at this match up as they’ll look to get back into the win column and make a push for a playoff bid with their favorable remaining schedule. Dalton struggles against top tier defenses and despite the total collapse of the Broncos, they have the talent to get back on track and make offenses look silly still.

-Dak Prescott v. Philadelphia Eagles (Sunday Night)

  • The Dallas Cowboys did not look the same without Zeke Elliott on the field. Granted some of that had to do with left tackle Tyron Smith out of last week’s contest as well. Regardless, The Eagles boast the best run defense in the league and will make the Cowboys one dimensional. Dak Prescott is a good quarterback, but he’s not the type of guy you want throwing 40+ times in a game. I expect Tyron Smith to return for this game, but if he doesn’t the Eagles front seven will surely be in Prescott’s face all night long. I don’t think last week’s contest against the Falcons was a fluke and is more of an anomaly of how this team will play moving forward.

-Jared Goff at Minnesota Vikings

  • Sean McVay has done wonders for Jared Goff and this Rams offense this season. No doubt in my mind that he’s the front runner for coach of the year. However, Jared Goff has shown he still has flaws in his game. We saw earlier in the season against the Seahawks, when you pressure Jared Goff and put the game on his shoulders he’s going to crumble. The Vikings defense is no joke and they’re a completely different animal when they play at home in the dome. I like what the Rams are doing, but this week it might be hard for them to continue their strong dominating performance offensively. Lower your expectations for Goff this week if you start him.

-Matthew Stafford at Chicago Bears

  • The Lions are one of the best second half teams in the NFL if not the best. Although that’s not to comforting if they never get a rhythm going and this Bears defense is good enough to throw the Lions off track. Matthew Stafford has struggled against the Bears on the road in his career and this is arguably the best Bears defense we’ve seen in some time. The Lions start off slow and make the game exciting with a late fourth quarter comeback, but this week that might be difficult against a stout Bears defensive unit.

Running Back

-Jamal Williams/Ty Montgomery at Baltimore Ravens

  • Aaron Jones is out around a month with an injury, so the combination of Jamal Williams and Ty Montgomery will take over. Montgomery is also dealing with some injuries of his own, so Williams will more than likely take over as the lead back. Regardless of whom it is the Ravens run defense has improved greatly since the return of Brandon Williams. This game could be a low scoring ugly game and that plays right into the Ravens game. The surging defense will look to take advantage of this squad and with all the play-makers falling one by one for the Packers; it’ll be hard to compete.

-Lamar Miller v. Arizona Cardinals

  • The Arizona Cardinals almost pulled off an upset last Thursday night against the Seattle Seahawks. No Carson Palmer, no David Johnson, and many injuries all over this roster and they’re still playing at a high level and competing with the league’s best. It all starts with their defense which is great against the run. The Texans are trying to rely on Lamar Miller more with the quarterback issues lingering, but it won’t work this week with the Cardinals stuffing almost every running back they’ve seen this year.

-CJ Anderson v. Cincinnati Bengals

  • The Broncos are using a more running back by committee approach and that’s affecting CJ Anderson’s value as a serviceable fantasy running back. He hasn’t eclipsed 10 points since week 4 and I don’t see it happening again this week. Not only is Anderson losing steam as the best runner in Denver, but the Broncos offense as a whole is struggling to move the ball and put points up on the board. Not many Broncos players can be trusted in fantasy moving forward until they can establish an offense, but Anderson is not one of those players you can trust. Bench him this week.

-Ameer Abdullah at Chicago Bears

  • The Lions running game is much better than in recent years, but it’s still not as good as you’d like it to be. From a fantasy perspective, Abdullah has one game over 10 points once in the last games. The Bears defense is no joke and shouldn’t have too much trouble stopping a subpar Lions rushing attack. Hopefully at this point of this season Abdullah isn’t anything higher than a flex option for you and you can easily swap him out with someone else on your bench.

Wide Receiver

-Jordy Nelson v. Baltimore Ravens

  • The Ravens have been brutal on #1 receivers this season. With the Packers quarterback situation not helping the case, Jordy Nelson is a hard player to play week in and week out. He was probably one of your top 2 picks, but until a more favorable match up comes around he has to ride the bench. Maybe you can get some name value out of him in a trade? I’d try at least, otherwise off to the pit of misery. Diddly, diddly!

-DeAndre Hopkins v. Arizona Cardinals

  • Tom Savage was announced the starter once again ahead of this week’s match up. That doesn’t bode well for the Texan’s offensive players. Hopkins really only carries significant value in PPR leagues, but even still his ceiling is limited. This week Hopkins will go head to head against one of the league’s best corners. Patrick Peterson has done a good job at shadowing opposing teams’ #1 receiver. With Hopkins not going in the slot too often, Peterson can truly follow him all over the field and limit his play-making ability. Similar to Jordy Nelson, Hopkins was probably one of your top two selections so it’ll be hard to replace him. If you have to give him a go lower your expectations.

-Michael Thomas v. Washington Redskins

  • The Saints have turned into a dominant force in the run game. The Saints as a whole had 6 total rushing touchdowns last week. I’m not saying the receivers are irrelevant on this team, but the Drew Brees throwing for 5000 yards is a thing of the past. Add in the less pass attempts and this week Michael Thomas will square off with Josh Norman, it might not be a great fantasy showing from Thomas this week. Three first to second round draft selections in a row as bench em’s. Hard to see, but that’s just life sometimes. If you have to deal with it and move on. Hope for the best and pray for a touchdown.

-Rishard Matthews at Pittsburgh Steelers (Thursday Night)

  • The Steelers lost Joe Haden in the secondary for a period of time and Mike Mitchell is also banged up. One of the best secondary’s of this season is slowly falling apart. Nonetheless, the Titans aren’t a premier passing team and Rishard Matthews is losing steam in the pecking order. Eric Decker is catching more balls, Corey Davis is back from an injury and Jonnu Smith is splitting time with Delanie Walker as he heals from an injury. This week could see a heavy dose of that “exotic smash-mouth” running attack from the Titans if they want to win this week. Meaning the passing game and some of it’s’ receivers will see a dip in fantasy production if they haven’t already. Delanie Walker is pretty much that only pass-catcher on this offense that’s consistent enough to start on a weekly basis. Bench Matthews this week.

Tight End

-Kyle Rudolph v. Los Angeles Rams

  • The Vikings steamrolled the Redskins last week in a very convincing win. With all the points scored Kyle Rudolph just managed 37 yards. Last year Sam Bradford made Rudolph a touchdown machine, but this year with Case Keenum running the show it’s almost like he’s been forgotten. The red-zone reindeer is too touchdown dependent for me to start. This week he’ll face the Rams in what could be a huge game for play-off seeding down the road. The Rams have some pretty solid safeties and linebackers who can cover. Rudolph isn’t the safest play this week.

-Eric Ebron at Chicago Bears

  • Last week was a bit of a mini “break-out” game for Eric Ebron. If two receptions, one going for a touchdown is considered a “break-out”. However, he’s still not getting enough volume of touches to warrant a start this week and let’s not forget Daniel Fells is still lingering around stealing targets. The Bears have a good linebacker core and safeties to cover and limit Ebron. If you used the Lions tight end as a streaming option last week it’s safe to say you can drop him now for a better option moving forward.

-Austin Hooper at Seattle Seahawks (Monday Night)

  • Austin Hooper is too inconsistent to like as a weekly starter, but this week you should not like him even more. Yes Earl Thomas is banged up and Richard Sherman is out for the season, but that’s just it. The Safeties and linebackers are all expected to play this week and they’ll be the ones to cover Hooper. If you want to play anyone in the Falcons receiving core it’ll be Julio Jones who will be able to take advantage of Sherman’s absence. Either way, I wouldn’t trust Hooper this week.

-Charles Clay at Los Angeles Chargers

  • Not quite the return game Charles Clay and the Bills were expecting. Clay had 2 catches for 13 yards against the Saints last week. The Bills offense is starting to slow down and be less productive. The Chargers are no defensive juggernaut, but they haven’t been too kind to tight ends this season as they give up the second least amount of points. Charles Clay is a good PPR play, but until he finds his way back into the offense I can’t trust him with fantasy playoffs so close.


-New England Patriots at Oakland Raiders

  • The Patriots defense has improved in the second half of the season, but they still have holes that teams can take advantage of. Derek Carr and the Raiders are fighting for a playoff spot and have the offense to exploit those defensive holes. This game has the potential to be a high scoring affair and I want nothing to do with any of the defensive units in this game. Start the offensive guys though; they’ll be good contributors this week.

-Buffalo Bills at Los Angeles Chargers

  • The Buffalo Bills are trending in the wrong direction as they try to clinch a playoff bid for the first time since 1999. The Bills have let teams run all over them in the last few weeks; literally. Melvin Gordon has been battling some nagging injuries, but between him and Austin Ekeler they should continue the recent Bills run defense issues. Marcell Dareus not being the anchor has put a damper on that front seven and its showing. Phillip Rivers might be in concussion protocol right now, but I expect him to play. The Bills have one win on the road this season and are averaging about 10 more points to offenses too. The Bills aren’t as safe of an option so far in the second half of the season.

-Washington Redskins at New Orleans Saints

  • Have you been watching the New Orleans Saints play this year? No defense is safe from this dominate offensive force. The Washington Redskins allowed 38 points to the Minnesota Vikings last week and now they’ll face an even better offensive unit. The Saints at one point ran the ball 24 consecutive times last week which just proves they can control the line of scrimmage at will. The Saints also play even better when they’re at home. It could be back-to-back ugly games for the gold and burgundy.

-Tennessee Titans at Pittsburgh Steelers (Thursday Night)

  • Despite inconsistent play from the Pittsburgh Steelers this season, they still have one of the better offenses in the league. They can turn on the jets whenever they need too and put up points. The Titans defense has struggled at times this season and if they don’t fixed some issues on a short week on the road it could be disastrous for them. There should be plenty of other options to stream this week against one of the top offenses in the league at home. Look elsewhere.

That concludes this week’s edition of Play Em’ or Bench Em’. As always, good luck in your match up(s) and I hope you win. If you ever need more help with your lineup(s) don’t hesitate to ask myself or anyone from the SFT crew. We’ll always respond to you on all of our social media pages. So, don’t forget to like and share us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, as well as connecting with us on LinkedIn. Until next time, have a great day!

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