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“365 Days the Film : A year in Happy Valley” talk to Totally Driven Radio about the release of this Documentary

“365 Days the Film : A year in Happy Valley” talk to Totally Driven Radio

about the release of this Documentary



updatesTotally Driven Radio, the weekly radio podcast heard live every Thursday night from 8 – 11 pm est time on the Totally Driven Entertainment Radio Network, covers the world of sports and entertainment each week, as well as bringing you celebrity guests interviews.

Christian Heilman & Debby Greenman- Rippey, two of the people behind the Documentary “365 Days: A Year in the Life of Happy Valley” was one of our guests this week on Totally Driven Radio.

They discussed how they did Kickstarter to raise the funds, which they did met their goal of $50,000.

They discussed how all of Happy Valley was affected by the horrible actions of Jerry Sandusky.

They also explained how there was a rush of judgment with the media and public that everyone in Happy Valley were guilty by association.

They also compared the situation to a witch hunt in Salem, Massachusetts.

They also let us know that no matter what you think of Penn State, there is a lesson to be learned from this movie.

They told us they were a lot of eye opening things in the film, especially about the way you look at people.

They explained how the whole scandal affected a lot of businesses, as well as Penn State Alumni who had Penn State on their resume, and would not be hired because of it.

They talked about a lot of former Penn State players of Joe Paterno were interviewed for the documentary, including NFL Hall of Famer Franco Harris; also Sportscaster Bob Costas was also interviewed.

They explained that this documentary is a step in the right direction to truly show the world who Penn State, the Alumni and Happy Valley really are.

They talked about the roll out of the movie in Theaters first, and then eventually on DVD.

Christian & Debby join Totally Driven Radio at the 25 minute mark, and hangs out with the boys for over 40 minutes to discuss these topics and more.

You can listen here

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