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Bay Ragni – CEO

CEO / Radio Host /News Reporter / Blogger / Reviewer

Bay Ragni - CEOI am not sure if it was the first time I saw Evel Knievel, Speed Racer, or the Planet of the Apes, but from the time I was in diapers and experienced these 3 things I knew I wanted to be in the world of entertainment.

I followed the rock star dream through my teenage years of the 80’s, and ended up switching gears in the 90’s where I started my venture into the world of professional wrestling, where I was part of ECW, and the Dudley Family, known as Chubby Dudley and had a 13 year career in wrestling, where I was not only a wrestler, but a manager, a booker, a promoter, and an announcer, and radio show host.

My love of music could not be killed either, where I started a punk / metal band called The Dead Gerber Babies with my longtime best friend, and we played together for 16 years before finally calling it quits.

While doing a wrestling radio show for 2 years on AM Radio in Philadelphia, and also my love for the Howard Stern show influenced me to want to do my own style radio show where we talk all worlds of entertainment from music to sports to wrestling to TV to movies to books and everything in between.

I started Totally Driven Entertainment back in April 2012 and have a vision that is getting pieced together with our website being a news site for all entertainment, as well as now our own Radio Network.

I started doing Totally Driven Radio November 2012, and September 2013 we started our own network.

Married to my best friend, and biggest supporter as well as our PR Person Jess Ragni, and 3 children who complete my life, and keep me Totally Driven.

Stay tuned for what’s next, because there is no stopping us now.

I have a Totally Driven Staff behind me who are dedicated and ready to make the world Totally Driven.

You can follow me on Twitter @BayRagni