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Jimmy Jannetty

Jimmy JannettyJimmy Jannetty is a veteran of over 25 years in the Pro Wrestling Wars, Beginning his career in the late 80’s and continues to this very day. Jimmy is also a Pro Wrestling Historian, He speaks weekly about the history of Professional Wrestling and it’s significance to the Industry today. In recent years Jimmy has been working for Jimmy Valiant’s wrestling camp, Training the Next Generation of Pro Wrestlers.

The TV Nation crowned “Supreme Whovian” Jimmy is a self described “Life Long Fan” of Doctor Who. His obsession with the show began at an early age, and continued even with the show off the air through books and audio adventure plays. With the show’s revival in 2005 and the advent of Social Media, Jimmy became an advocate for the show Blogging and speaking with Whovians from around the world about the past, present and future of the show. Jimmy has joined the Nerd Herd to enlighten the TV Nation about the longest running Science Fiction TV Show.

While Doctor Who and Pro Wrestling are two of his biggest obsessions they are far from his only ones. Jimmy is an avid Comic Book and Toy Collector specializing in Batman and Spider-Man. Jimmy is also an avid Video Gamer, and at one time owned every single home video gaming system available. All of this makes Jimmy Jannetty a perfect fit for the Nerd Herd. Whovians Unite for TV Nation.

Jimmy is always available to Answer questions or talk about Doctor Who or Pro Wrestling or anything nerdy Via Gmail, Twitter @jimmyjannetty, or Facebook.