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Kristin Welcome

Staff Writer 

From the time Kristin Welcome was a young girl, she loved two things, listening to people tell stories, and Rock N Roll music. Growing up, in an old Scotch-Irish family, the dinner table was always full of relatives, and Kristin loved to listen to people talk about their lives, their travels, and the things they had experienced.

From the time Kristin could control the dials on a FM radio, she loved music. Driving in her dad’s car, at the age of nine or so, she would ask him, “Daddy, play that heavy metal stuff”. He would laugh, but in turn her dad, Tom, had extensive music tastes, and most likely imparted that on Kristin. They would turn the dial and listen to all kinds of music, mainly Classic Rock at the time. Kristin’s grandmother’s, on both sides of the family, were extensive music fans, and loved Country and Western Music.  Music was always in the house in one way or another. A few of Kristin’s relatives also played in local Country bands.

Kristin has been an extensive music fan her entire life, and has made many friends and contacts in the music world. In 2016, Kristin was injured severely in a bonfire, which changed her life tremendously. Upon attending a Texas Hippie Coalition concert, and meeting Big Dad Ritch, and Nevada Romo (guitarist) Kristin found the inspiration to find her place in the music business. Through her love for Texas Hippie Coalition, and the many friendships she has made, Kristin realized that she had a knack for writing about the music she loved. She later was introduced to Bay Ragni, on Facebook, and later became a staff writer for Totally Driven Radio/ Totally Driven Magazine. With an extensive knowledge and appreciation of many types of music, and her love of finding a good story, Kristin enjoys speaking with, and interviewing artists and musicians most.