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For more than twenty years the masked cowboy wrestling hero known as the Maverick has entertained both in and out of the ring in his own unique way.  Mav is also an in demand event and party host who has participated in many entertainment and charity events.  When he’s not body slamming people as a masked cowboy he’s really professional children’s entertainer Mike Grandizio.

Maverick loves comic books, superheroes, And is a HUGE Star Wars and Disney fanatic.

Over the years Mav has written the “Mavz Viewz” comic book column for the Comic Universe Newsletter, and wrestling columns for Completely Damaged and Totally Driven. He’s also hosted “The Comic Book Squad” radio show and the weekly “comic roundup” segment on Totally Driven Radio. Recently he was the cohost of “Retro Rasslin’ Radio.”

Currently Maverick can be heard as the host of “Maverick’s Comic Roundup” Friday nights at 10pm on Totally Driven and is the host of the “Galactic Clubhouse” Family Star Wars podcast.  He also writes comic and other reviews for Totally Driven.

Follow Mav on Social Media:
FB: @mavericksroundup
Instagram: mavericksroundup

Join Masked Wrestling Cowboy The Maverick and his Posse’ every Friday Night to talk comic books, superheroes, collectibles and more on Totally Driven’s brand new show: Maverick’s Comic Roundup!
Each week we will cover the hottest news, rumors and of course comic books! We will also be talking to comic book creators, checking out the coolest stores, covering the biggest events and more!