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Uncle Shawnie

Uncle ShawnieUncle Shawnie is an 80’s man in a modern world……He is an Entertainer a performer, a Doctor, a lawyer, and an Indian chief…… He’s a regular blue collar guy!

He’s Arrogant, Outspoken, Boisterous, and Opinionated and Passionate……Most Importantly, He likes to talk……..about anything and everything! He’s so very NOT P.C.! He likes to think and talk without thinking…….He says EXACTLY what’s on his mind…..

Uncle Shawnie has 30 years in the Entertainment world. He started in the mid 80’s as a d.j. moving on to  singing , playing  guitar and bass with a late 80’s touring band and saw some stuff (wink wink)!!

Uncle ShawnieHe did the Acting thing briefly in the late 80’s as well as trying his hand at some stand up comedy.

Now in 2016 he’s a Husband, Father and Grandfather, still in the Philadelphia Pennsylvania area , Still rocks out from time to time and still realizes that  he’s just not adjusted to the modern world…..and he’s not afraid to tell you how it is.

Uncle Shawnie’s Playground airs Friday nights from 8pm-10pm on the Totally Driven Entertainment Radio Network.