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Adult Film Superstar Allie Haze Shuns WWE on VOC’s “Just Guys” Show


Adult Film Superstar Allie Haze Shuns WWE on VOC’s “Just Guys” Show

2134_1335460577Adult Film Superstar Allie Haze joined the VOC Nation Radio Network’s Just Guys Program to discuss her new film, Clerks XXX, which was released this week from Vivid Entertainment. Just Guys follows the VOC Wrestling Nation every Wednesday afternoon beginning at 5PM ET.  The VOC Nation Radio Network can now be heard exclusively at

Here is some of what Allie had to say about the WWE:

On being a wrestling fan:  “I’m big in wrestling.  I attend a lot of events and I’m friends with a lot of the current wrestlers. I’m definitely a big WWE fan.  I watch because the men and women are wonderful athletes; sometimes terrible actors, but tremendous athletes.”

On which wrestlers she is friendly with:  “Justin Roberts is a good friend of mine and so is Dolph Ziggler.  (Dolph) came out to Cleveland when I was out there feature dancing and supported me.  A couple of the guys even came out to the AVN Awards last year to hang out with me.

On her favorite WWE Brand:  “I record RAW every Monday night.  I’m definitely a RAW fan over Smackdown though.”

On working with the WWE:  “I got to be on the kiss cam last year, and I was on the RAW promos when the Rock was coming back last year.”

On someday being a WWE Diva:  “When I started making friends with all of the guys, I was approached and questioned about being a WWE Diva.  However, because of my XXX background, they wanted me to change my name and my image to try and hide my background which I will not do. However, the day that they are looking for a pornstar to become a diva, I will be the one.”

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