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Album Review : Cosmic Wool – Cosmic Wool

by Kristin Welcome


“Cosmic Wool” the self-titled, debut album, from alternative/ space-rock band, Cosmic Wool, is a journey through eight tracks of music, stories, and reflections, as woven by Rado and Nevada Romo (of former Anti-Mortem), John “Drew “ Williams, and Tom Frizzell. The album was produced in Bell Labs, by Trent Bell, who has worked with artists like Maynard James Keenan, of Tool.  The album in its entirety is intelligent, without over thinking it. It sits somewhere between Zeppelin era, psychedelic rock, and the funk underpinnings of The Red Hot Chili Peppers. It is as thoughtful stylistically and instrumentally, as it is lyrically. Rado Romo, takes you through a kaleidoscopic journey as tracks unfold from one to the next, flawlessly; classic rock, funk, soul, even pop can be heard on this album.  At time Rado’s vocals are raspy, and edgy, at other times, soulful, and delicate. Rado Romo, bears a bit of his soul on this album, with songs like “Hole For My Head, “Moonstone” and “Only Two”.

“Hole For My Head” is a bridge marking the transition of he, and brother Nevada’s departure, and break up, from metal band, Anti- Mortem, to the formation of Cosmic Wool. It is a raw, no holds barred anthem, a celebration of finding a more authentic place, from which to work, as artists. The song is the beginning to the Cosmic Wool vision.

“Moonstone” a psychedelic, space trip laments the struggles of rock stardom, as the Romo’s came to know at only 12, and 13 years of age, respectively. “Only Two” lets us in on the secret, which only the Romo’s knew at one time, that though they have a deep appreciation for metal music, they were meant for so much more. With this song the listener is taken into the fold, and the revelations of the album continue to unfold. The guitar solo on this album may be one of Nevada Romo’s finest.

The last track on the album, an experimental funk groove, is a socially conscience reflection of our times. A message to the anti-love song, social media obsessed culture that we have become. A possible warning to how everything is expressed or exploited on Facebook.

In all, the album is full of introspection, yet sparks a dialogue about our current times. It is both nostalgic, yet timeless.  The album transports the listener to a more freeing, and psychedelic era, yet is completely relevant, and right now.

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The album is available December 15, 2017 at select record stores, and online retailers such as amazon, iTunes, and Google Play.

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