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Album Review : DrawnSword – The Path Least Travelled

by Ashley Paskill

The indie/alternative group DrawnSwords will release their third EP, “The Path Least Travelled,’ on December 1, 2017. The album is influenced by John Lennon, MF Dooms, and Beck. This album is a must-listen for fans of these artists as their sounds and the sound of the album is similar and the lyrics are equally as in-depth. Mac DeMarco even makes an appearance on the album in the opening song.

I used to shy away from being too personal,” says Raffael Scheiber. “This time I addressed my personal struggles quite explicit.” The EP lives up to these intentions. The lyrics get into his mind, giving listeners an audio diary to listen to. Listeners can relate to the stories within the songs. The lyrics have various layers to them, and random phrases are often interjected that provide extra layers to the songs.

While the songs all have a dark electric sound to them, the instrumental arrangements on each gives them a different feel. The songs are also sprinkled with bits of hip-hop at some points. “Son Are You On Drugs” is the lightest-sounding song on the album, but it still has a resounding darkness to it. The other songs, especially “Goodbye” have the darkness of a minor sound to them. This adds to the mature themes in the lyrics.

The lyrics can be difficult to hear at points over the instruments, but this forces the listener to pay closer attention to what the lyrics are saying. While the lyrics may have matured, the overall sound and feel of this album are extremely similar to the sounds of DrawnSword’s previous albums. Those who are fans will be pleased by this, but it can be boring for those who want to hear something a bit different.

“The Path Least Travelled” by DrawnSword will be released December 1, 2017 via 625193 Records DK.

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