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AS I SEE IT :10/2 – Las Vegas Tragedy & more

Bob Magee
Pro Wrestling: Between the Sheets

The endless lunatic newsreel has begun again….again.

Last night…literally hours ago, a mass shooting took place
at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas, NV directed at a
country music festival with Jason Aldean performing. The
event will be the deadliest mass shooting in US history,
with totals of the dead rapidly increasing…with reports of
50 dead and 200 hurt. From reports, the number will go

The single shooter, a Stephen Paddock, a 64 year old white
male was killed by local Las Vegas police. The motive is not
clear, other than terrorism does not appear to be involved.

For families looking to locate loved ones who might have
been in the area, and who are either missing or you haven’t
been able to reach, please call 1-866-535-5654.

I’ve said in recent weeks that we need an antidote to the
hate seemingly running through our country. With this
shooting overnight, regardless of the motivation, nothing
could be truer…again. So I’ll continue to update on
holiday charity wrestling events below as one tiny candle
against what seems to be too much darkness.


Moving on, autumn is here, the leaves are turning too
quickly… and the last months of 2017 are here.

Christmas trees are up in some local stores (those not
selling Halloween gear first). QVC is selling for
Christmas, and Hallmark Channel is already plugging their
Christmas mega-movie marathons. Amazon, eBay, and elsewhere
in the retail cyber-universe are following. Pretty soon,
people will maul each other at stores, stand in line to get
the new iPhone… or even get something for their kids.

In keeping with the actual spirit of the seasons… the
season of light and the season of the Christchild, the
wrestling community will reach out to those in need.
Independent promotions hold a wide variety of events to
benefit various food pantries, fundraisers for homeless or
domestic violence shelters…and Toys for Tots drives.

Over the years, promotions in my Philadelphia/South Jersey
area ranging from the family-friendly United Wrestling
Coalition (for over 20 years) to the hardcore themed Combat
Zone Wrestling (for 12 years) to indies of various sizes and
types throughout the United States and Canada run such
events from October to the Holidays and beyond.

The first event announced, was United Wrestling Coalition of
Wrightstown, NJ, which will hold their annual Toys for Tots
event on December 2; with a special emphasis this year on
behalf of the victims of Harvey, asking for a small donation
or note of encouragement to Harvey victims. Go to for further details.

13 other such events have been announced:

* Hoosier Pro Wrestling does THREE annual Firemen’s Cheer
Fund Toys for Tots shows in Columbus, IN, on October 7,
November 4 and December 2

* UWE Pro Wrestling presents its annual Headlock for Hunger
on November 11 at The Wex in Cadillac, MI. The event
benefits Shepard’s Table.

* NOVA Pro Wrestling will again help the Jewish Community
Center of Fairfax, VA on November 24 with its FACETS Toy
Collection at its “11th Dimension” show at the JCC in
Fairfax, VA.

* Primal Conflict Wrestling has scheduled its annual food
drive at its November 18 Harpers Ferry, WV event. Fans that
bring 2 canned or nonperishable food items will receive a $5
off coupon for Primal Conflict Wrestling merchandise. All
donations will go to Jefferson County Community Ministries.

* ECWA runs its annual Toys for Tots show on December 2 in
Woodbury Heights, NJ.

* MCW Pro Wrestling has “Season’s Beatings”, its annual Toys
for Tots show scheduled for December 2 in Joppa, MD.
American Premier Wrestling presents BRAWL 30 – Toys for Tots
on December 2 at the APW Slam Center , Statesboro, GA. –
Doors Open, 430p. Emerald Match, 445p. Bell Time, 5p. $7
Adults, Kids, $3.

* Brew City Wrestling has scheduled its annual Headlock for
Hunger food collection at its December 8 show in West Allis,

* DCW Pro Wrestling presents Rumble for Glory on December 9
at the Milford Community Center, 105 NE Front St. Milford,
DE to be benefit the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation.

* Imperial Wrestling Revolution will do a Toys for Tots show
at its December 10 show in Ardmore, OK. They are also
working on starting a partnership with, which
gives away free tickets to active duty military personnel
and veterans.

For those of you readers who see giving a toy, a can of
food, or a warm coat as just one small thing, please
understand this: a can of soup means that gets a meal for a
day, a box of rice means that a family is fed for a week or
more, a warm coat meant a child won’t shiver uncontrollably
when they walk to school, or a toy meant that a child is
allowed a moment of innocence and joy, often after they’ve
gone through fear and deprivation for far too long. Just
like the people did for those in need in Texas and
Florida…that one small thing, now it’s your turn.

So… if you’re a independent wrestling promotion, and you
HAVEN’T thought of doing a charity-themed holiday show to
give back to your community….time to start planning. If
you’re an indy fan, and your promotion isn’t named…ask
them if they plan to do something this year.

As always, I’ll plug these events here to the point you can
recite them in your sleep; no matter what else I may discuss
in this blog. Please send them to me ASAP at or

Until next time….

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