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AS I SEE IT 6/12: CZW and Tournament of Death

Bob Magee
Pro Wrestling: Between the Sheets

Combat Zone Wrestling’s most violent event, “Tournament of
Death”, took place Saturday at the Ultraviolent Underground
in Townsend, DE before a 16 year record crowd under a
bright, hot summer sun.

In the first round:

* British star Jimmy Havoc defeated John Wayne Murdoch and
last year’s winner Rickey Shane Page, which included John
Wayne Murdoch hitting a SUPER Deep South destroyer (think
Canadian) onto a glass pane.

* Two time Tournament of Death winner MASADA defeated SHLAK
in a Doorway to Death match.

* Jeff Cannonball defeated G-Raver in a Light Tubes and
Cinderblocks match

* In the Barbed Wire Craziness match, Conor Claxton defeated
Clint Margera, but also saw Margera sending Conor Claxton
off a truck into a barbed wire trampoline. Yes, I said an
actual barbed wire trampoline. Oh….and Claxton bounced off
of it. Bounced off barbed wire.


* Conor Claxton defeated Cannonball in a Ultraviolent
Summertime Fun Match to move on to the final

* Jimmy Havoc defeated MASADA in a Lighttube Treachery Match
to move on to the final

In non-tournament action:

* Father Matthew Tremont defeated Mad Man Pondo in the Fans
Bring The Weapons match. Post-match, Tremont screamed for
Atsushi Onita

* Danny Havoc and Alex Colon defeated Notorious Inc. in a
Scaffold Match. During the match, Devon Moore suffered an
ankle injury and was substituted for by Kit Osbourne. Post-
match, Danny Havoc announced his plans to retire. However,
Colon demanded that he wrestle Havoc in his last match,
which will take place as part of the Chri$ Ca$h Memorial
Ladder Match later in September’s Down With The Sickness
show in Voorhees, NJ.

* Dan O’Hare defeated Kit Osbourne, George Gatton, and Jimmy
Lloyd in a Four Corners of Pain Match; including Dan O’Hare
taking a weed whacker to Jimmy Lloyd

Tournament of Death finals

In the finals…a no ropes, no ring mat, barbed wire and
light tubes death match, Jimmy Havoc defeated Conor Claxton
to become the Tournament of Death 16 winner. The match
featured such sick spots as Conor Claxton hitting a
Michinoku Driver onto a glass pane, Jimmy Havoc hitting an
Acid Rainmaker (think Okada) followed by a curb stomp onto
light tubes. Post-match, Rickey Shane Page and Clint Margera
presented the Tournament of Death Trophy to Havoc. But
before Havoc could celebrate, Claxton went hard heel, and
jumped all three men and smashed the trophy. Before Claxton
could leave, Rickey Shane Page challenged him to a match at

Combat Zone Wrestling will return to the Flyers Skate Zone,
Voorhees, NJ on Saturday, July 8 for “EVILution”.

Matches already announced:

CZW World Title/Four Way Match
Davey Richards will defend the CZW World Championship in a
four way against Shane Strickland, Lio Rush, and Joe Gacy

CZW Wired Title
Maxwell Jason Freidman defends against Trevor Lee

The returning AR Fox takes on Ace Romero

Dan O’Hare vs. Kit Osbourne vs. Jimmy Lloyd vs. George

Rickey Shane Page vs. Conor Claxton

Tickets available at and, day of,
at the door.

Follow CZW: – –

By the way, each year when I plug or report on CZW in
general of Tournament of Death in particular, I tend to get
hate mail sent by made-up names with spoofed webmail
addresses; and what a supposedly horrible person that makes
me, how I’m contributing to people being killed, diseases,
concussions, and everything short of the end of the world.

Do me a favor. Save your time. They just get deleted. If you
don’t like what CZW does, don’t watch it. As long as they
exist, I’ll plug their shows. Want to know why? I’ve known
these guys since their first show…since the crew of the
day put together a makeshift arena to run its first shows in
Mantua, NJ back in 1999.

There’s something else. Over the years, Combat Zone
Wrestling, its staff, and its fans have donated thousands of
toys at the annual Toys for Tots collections at the yearly
Cage of Death shows. It’s important to understand that that
with the economic issues of recent years, there have been
years where charities such as Philadelphia’s Toys for Tots
saw an 80% drop in donations, making the donations of
hundreds of toys at Combat Zone Wrestling’s Cage of Death
show at the ECW Arena mean all that much more.

Not bad for the fans of a independent promotion whose shows
are all too often stigmatized as being no more than garbage
wrestling with bloodthirsty fans.

Oh…and ask Dean Ambrose…or Solomon Crowe…or
Cesaro….or Drake Younger…just to name four…about how
horrible they are. Seems like CZW played a role in preparing
them pretty well. Ask those children about how horrible
those wrestlers, staff, and fans are…as in some cases,
they have the one and only toy they may have that Christmas.

Until next time…

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