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AS I SEE IT 9/4: The season of giving is coming…

Bob Magee
Pro Wrestling: Between the Sheets

With this being Labor Day, the pages of the calendar turn
toward Fall and the last months of 2017, and yes…the
holidays. School is starting tomorrow (it already has in
much of the South and Midwest).

Your friendly not-so-local retail mega-store, will soon be
killing lots of trees to print advertisements to sell you
and I all sorts of goodies (as soon as they get done killing
them for Halloween).  TV ads are already running on QVC, and
Hallmark Channel will be shortly plugging their Christmas
mega-movie marathons.  Amazon, eBay, and elsewhere in the
retail cyber-universe  is following, probably as I’m typing
this. Pretty soon, people will maul each other at stores,
and pound their keyboards to get the newest iThing… or
even something for their kids.

In keeping with the actual spirit of the seasons… the
season of light and the season of the Christchild, the
wrestling community will reach out to those in need.
Independent promotions hold a wide variety of events to
benefit various food pantries, fundraisers for homeless or
domestic violence shelters…and Toys for Tots drives.

Over the years, promotions in my Philadelphia/South
Jersey area ranging from the family-friendly United
Wrestling Coalition (for nearly 20 years) to the hardcore
themed Combat Zone Wrestling (for 12 years) to indies of
various sizes and types throughout the United States and
Canada run such events from October to the Holidays and

We’ve been reminded with last month’s flooding in Houston,
Beaumont and elsewhere in Texas and Louisiana… that
many people are capable of kindness beyond imagination to
human beings they never net. But weeks before, we were also
reminded that there is also a segment of humanity who are
capable of evil beyond imagination toward other human beings
that they never met.

It’s time for us to remember as we approach the season of
giving that we can choose how we are seen by others, based
in part on what we do this season.

Accordingly, if you’re a independent wrestling promotion,
and you HAVEN’T thought of doing a charity-themed holiday
show to give back to your community….time to start

As always, I’ll plug these events here to the point you can
recite them in your sleep; no matter what else I may discuss
in this blog.

To wind up, it was nice to see Ric Flair, with a “I ain’t
dead yet motherf***ers” t-shirt, posting a video on his
Twitter announcing that he’s “back.”

“Hey to all my fans out there, let it be known
worldwide, the Nature Boy…wooooo…is back up and running
looking as older as I can look,” Flair said. “I wanna thank
all my fans out there thank you for all the love and support
and I will see you in the very, very, very, very, very near

Yes, he looks a bit thin, But considering he was on his
deathbed only weeks ago, this video was a
welcome sight…for anyone who considers themselves any kind
of wrestling fan.

Until next time….

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