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AvX Launch Party Report!


Last Night I swung by The Comic Universe in Folsom PA for The Avengers Vs. X-Men Launch Party.

The party, which was sponsored by Marvel comics, was in celebration of their AvX mini-series, pitting Marvels two biggest Superhero teams against each other.

Every Comic Store that chose to participate was asked to choose a side in the upcoming battle. The stores would then receive “party favors” and variant covers for the party. The stores were also allowed to sell AvX #1 starting at 8PM the night before it technically went on sale.

So at 8PM I hit Comic U, an Avengers store for the record, for the festivities. I knew I needed some back up in case supervillains appeared, so I enlisted the Greatest Avenger of them all, Captain America… or a fairly close facsimile of.

We arrived to find a very busy store. The customers were munching on Pizza, talking comics and snagging deals on comic Stuff. The store had a cool sale going on in which you’d receive 25% off merchandise of either The X-Men or Avengers if you wore apparel of the team you were supporting.

The party favors were cool, buttons, posters and a few lithographs all proclaiming allegiance to The Avengers or X-Men. CU was an Avenger store so the favors were mostly for the Avengers.

There was a good turnout for the party, I was hoping for some more costumed craziness, I’d seen where other folks were showing up to stores in costume. Even though it was encouraged to dress up, there wasn’t anyone other than the good Captain to show up in uniform.

There was a small incident, it seems Cap was trying to recruit a new Bucky, and since I already wore a mask…

Still the party was a good time, and the crowd was a lot of fun, I hope there are more events like this in the future.

Thanks to Marvel for sponsoring the event, and a very special Thanks to the Comic Universe for the fun swag, pizza and a fun night out. Since the whole night was about AvX, I did a quick mini review of issue one below:

****Spoilers for Issue one ahead****

As for the comic itself, AvX #1 told us what many of us already knew, The Phoenix Force is coming back and all signs point to X-person Hope as the newest vessel for the Phoenix Force. Tensions are raised quickly as Cyclops and Captain America come to blows and the issue ends with both groups preparing for a smackdown.

The issue is direct and straight forward. we get to the point quickly, without a lot of filler or beating around the bush. Frankly, I liked that a lot. I haven’t read the X-Men in forever, and only occasionally have picked up the Avengers here and there, but all the characters were right on, and I knew pretty much everyone there. The only drawback for me was that I have almost no knowledge of who Hope is, but Bendis filled me in pretty quick to what she was all about, so it didn’t take much away from the story for me.

The pencils were done by legendary John Romita Jr. and the story was written by Marvel’s go to guy, Brian Michael Bendis. To me is a perfect combination for a mega event like this. The book also included a code for a free digital download, which was kinda cool, though I don’t know if I would have need of downloading it. I may check it out, just to see, which is probably the point. Encouraging people to dip their big toe into reading digital comics.

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