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Be a part of The Babys – Timeless: Anthology II on Pledge Music

All of you may agree – the music of The Babys has withstood the test of time! We are now back in the studio, and it is an absolute blast! Over the past (5) years, we have been asked to recreate many of the signature songs of The Babys – with our current lineup. So we are doing just THAT! With the legacy of The Babys catalog, recreating works off of the Anthology compilation was a great place to start. This album will provide a blend of the classic hits, a number of deep cuts, and a few new tunes – that we hope you all will enjoy!

These songs are part of the storyboards of our lives. These songs are Timeless – and so – our album shall be titled….

Anthology II

And YOU can be part of the creation of this album!

To be a part of the fun – go to! By ordering your copy of the album on PledgeMusic, you’ll gain access to recording updates, bonus content, video clips and much more.

On top of this, you can pre-order any of the items or experiences listed on the site.

With every order you will receive a digital download of the album on our release date.

Thank you so much for your participation!

The Babys

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