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Bernie Torme : Dublin Cowboy Reviews & Tour Dates

Bernie Torme : Dublin Cowboy Reviews & Tour Dates 

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Wow, what a reaction! You can’t try to please everybody so you try and please yourself, so I am really delighted to have had such a great & positive reaction to Dublin Cowboy!

Dublin Cowboy Electric: ‘This continues the excellence of the last two albums. There’s really a high degree of variety across the songs, while at the same time the whole thing has the unity of feel necessary for an album to sound pleasingly coherent. Really hard to pick out highlights, but I can’t resist three: 1) The outro soloing on “Power of the Blues” is so sweet (over a wonderfully infectious groove) I’d love to hear an unfaded version jammed on for longer; 2) The key changes (and accompanying extreme changes in feel) in “Way It Rolls” are just fantastic; 3) As for the modulations in “Janus”, I’ve no idea what key we’re in – the tonality in the second half is so magnificently fluid that the listener is just swept along by the musical tide and it’s an exhilarating ride. And those are just the things that most struck me on first listen’……. MW

‘what I’ve heard is sounding great, and Janus is just awesome!”….PW

Dublin Cowboy Acoustic: ‘this acoustic one is the right meter, the right mood, the right everything, …….. this acoustic one cuts me to the core. Can’t stop listenin’…Love it!!’……DP

‘Bernie Torme and an acoustic album, well now there is something of an oxymoron, or so I thought. Listening back through my BT back catalogue – and you don’t hear much acoustic stuff. I mean where are the dive-bomb and harmonic pyrotechnics going to fit in there?…..Well throw those thoughts out of the window… I can’t remember the last time I got hooked so soon with an album – pretty much the first chord on Shine…….
There is absolutely no fluff/fillers/weakness in any of these songs. And one or two are downright scary in their ability to grab you and not let go. For me Shine, Lady November, Cirkus and Dreams… stop the world from spinning for a few minutes on every play.
So I never thought I’d say this, but Bernie… I need another acoustic album, I mean where did that request come from?! Beyond the obligatory 5 stars!’….OBN

‘Have to confess I wasn’t looking forward so much to this one – I assumed it would be simpler musically and in terms of production, and doubted it would sustain interest for 45 minutes. How wrong I was! “Shine” is an extraordinary opener – a richly unfolding tapestry of sound. The reverb alone is a work or art, and the occasional and subtle use of keyboards adds greatly to the overall soundscape (as it does on the electric album too). Surely the following tracks can’t be as interesting … but, no, they are!’…..MW

Dublin Cowboy Live: ‘My favourite is the live one where it can be seen if an artist still has the “beans”. 
U certainly do dude, u absolutely rocked it’…..RS

‘Back to the wild and wailing Strat! Much as I loved the acoustic album, the intro to “Wild West” is like the return of an old friend!…..MW

What a fantastic reaction! Thank you all so much!

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1st April 2017 SOUTH SHIELDS The Unionist Club
2nd April 2017 GLASGOW Nice n Sleazy
3rd April 2017 EDINBURGH Bannermans
4th April 2017 GRIMSBY Yardbirds
5th April 2017 MANCHESTER FAC251
6th April 2017 WOLVERHAMPTON The Robin 2
7th April 2017 LONDON The Borderline
8th April 2017 BRIGHTON The Prince Albert

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