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Bret Kaiser of Madam-X talks to Totally Driven Radio about Monstrocity, EMP & More!!

Totally Driven Radio, the weekly radio podcast heard live every Thursday night from 8 – 11 pm Est time on the Totally Driven Entertainment Radio Network, hosted by Bay Ragni, Nick Wilkinson and Jimmy Jannetty covers the world of sports and entertainment each week, as well as bringing you celebrity guests interviews.

This week we talked to lead singer of Madam-X ……..Bret Kaiser
Bret discussed…….

**33 Years later, Madam-X release their 2nd album Monstrocity
**How with their first album they were very young and stupid
**That is new album was all 4 members writing
**They put almost 3 years of work into this album
**How they were shot down by multiple labels, but EMP gave them the chance
**The cover artwork
**will they be doing any touring
**why they redid “High in High School” for the new album
**the ballad on the new album “Wish You Away”
**His duet with Janet Gardner which he was surprised with
**Both Vixen & Madam-X being on the Monster of Rock Cruise
**Any plans for videos
**getting on stage in 1985 at the Troubadour with Poison

Bret hangs for 45 mins, and talks all this and more

You can listen to the full interview here

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