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C.H.U.D. Cave Music Reviews: ADNA – Closure

music reviews
Hey! I’m Kate, just your run of the mill C.H.U.D. (Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dweller) and all around fan of music that kicks ass! I’ll be posting music reviews live from the C.H.U.D. cave. If you like metal, melee, and music, we might get along.

ADNA is a young woman from Sweden. Closure is her third album and is written, sung, and produced all by her, in her apartment in Berlin where she now lives.

Her voice is haunting and achingly beautiful. The production value of the album is amazing. It’s it’s hard to believe she’s only in her early twenties. Her sweet and dark lyrics reflect an old soul behind troubled eyes. You could argue that the songs do sound somewhat alike, but I think you can easily tell they’re different songs and that’s probably just a nitpick of those that are not fans of the genre. The thing about ADNA, she lifts you up with the music, and at the same time knocks the wind out of you with her wonderfully written lyrics. Though this isn’t my type of music, I could easily see crying myself to sleep listening to this album. That is, if everything went wrong and I was suddenly ousted from the C.H.U.D. Cave.

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If you can’t love the one you want, C.H.U.D. the one you’re with!

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