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C.H.U.D. Cave Music Reviews: Jack Russell’s Great White – He Saw It Comin’

Hey! I’m Kate, just your run of the mill C.H.U.D. (Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dweller) and all around fan of music that kicks ass! I’ll be posting music reviews live from the C.H.U.D. cave. If you like metal, melee, and music, we might get along.

Jack Russell’s Great White is a 5 piece rock band from California. “He Saw it Comin’” is the twelveth album, the first under the Jack Russell’s Great White name.

Jack Russell’s Great White album “He Saw it Comin’” puts you in mind of the original Great White album, only a little more sophisticated and a little more evolved. The group understands that their fan base have grown older, and they no longer wants to listen to more traditional 80’s hair metal, but still wants to be reminded of the music they once loved. It’s not that bad, not really my taste, but I can see others my age liking it. A great addition to this album is all that Easter Eggs that they put in the music that throw you back to past Great White songs. Ahhhh, the memories.

Check out their social media pages:

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Until next time, like my old friend Bud The C.H.U.D. used to say….


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