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Happy November my sudsers!!

I have been away for a bit but hard at work to get you the scoop on the happenings in Genoa City and L.A. There is a lot to cover so I will get right to it and I will start with the gang in Genoa city.

The week starts off with a party given by the Newman clan to announce that Victoria has come back to Newman as C.O.O. however Abby thinks that this party is to promote her to C.O.O and celebrate the success of the Design Date App. Things quickly fall apart when Victor introduces Victoria and the announcement of her return is made. Abby quickly gets enraged and creates a scene as Crystal takes the floor and reveals that Design Date is a front for a sex ring funded with Newman money. Zack quickly tries to cover up these accusations as Abby demands an explanation. In the middle of the commotion Nikki and Dina exchange words ending in Dina stabbing Nikki. As Dina makes her escape Zach grabs Abby and the two make a quick getaway in the elevator. As the two make their getaway Scott follows them to a remote location where Zach has a storage locker. He confesses everything to Abby who quickly tells him that it is over and she never wants to see him again. As the two argue Scott walks in on them and tries to get away with Abby. Zach then locks them in the storage locker. The two devise a plan to start a fire so that the sprinklers will go off alerting fire and police that they are there. As Paul and Sharon arrive the two have already escaped. Will Paul and Sharon find them before Zach does? Stay tuned.

Elsewhere Cane and Hilary mourn the passing of Juliette who died during a premature delivery of the baby. Hilary calls Maddie and Charlie to tell them that they should put their differences aside and meet with their father to cheer him up. The two have a discussion and agree to meet up with Cane. After dinner all decide that they will make time for each other.

As if the Newman’s don’t have enough problems Nick’s club burns to the ground and now he is being investigated for arson even though the fire was accidentally started when Reed and his friends broke into the club to have a Halloween party. It gets worse from there after Hillary outs Jordan as a con artist with whom Chelsea had a past. Will Nick and Chelsea be able to get past all this drama? We will soon find out.

Finally, along with the stress of Abby disappearing and Dina stabbing Nikki, the Abbott clan is faced with the diagnosis of Dina having Alzheimer’s disease.

On that note lets hop on over to L.A. and catch up with The Forrester’s and their friends.

Liam and Sally go in to the old Spectra building one last time before it is demolished. Unaware that the two are inside Bill pushes the button to bring down the building. Once he is made aware that they are in there a search and rescue mission is set into motion to find them with Bill leading the team. Fearing that they will not make it out alive Sally tells Liam that she loves him and the two kiss. Finally, they are found alive amongst the rubble. Once Steffy finds out about the kiss she walks out and straight into the arms and bed of Dollar Bill. Later Liam apologizes to Steffy and just as she is going to confess about her tryst with Bill, Liam asks her to renew their vows and she agrees.

Will Sally keep her feelings a secret? Will Steffy ever tell Liam about her fling with Bill? Stay tuned sudsers and we will soon find out. Elsewhere much to Quinn’s displeasure Wyatt and Katie’s relationship continues to flourish and a little role play game is enacted. Will Quinn ever come to terms with their relationship, let alone get rid of Sheila for good? Time will tell

Until next time sudsers I bid you all a Happy and safe Holiday

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