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CBS SOAP SUDS Week Ending 7/28/17

By Nicole Sgro


Hello out there to all my soap sudsers. This week things really heated up on CBS Daytime.

In Genoa City, the fall out continued from the concert debacle with Hillary airing the footage of Victor and Nicks’s fight much to the chagrin of the Newman’s and the delight of the mustache himself. Nick threatens to sue Hillary and the station but she quickly points out that Victor gave the OK for the footage to air and so there is nothing that can be done.

Meanwhile Cane continues his job search by reaching out to Jack Abbott for a position at Jabot. Jack pretty much tells Cane the job is his until Victoria convinces him otherwise. After their meeting Victoria passes out in the elevator only to be found by Phyllis. The doctor tells Victoria that she fainted because she has a concussion related to a fall she had at the concert.

Nick and Noah decide to open a chain of coffee houses together in order of Nick to free himself from Victor’s shadow and give Noah a chance that Nick never had.

Billy and Phyllis continue to grow closer.

Lily continues to stand by Cane as the twins find it harder to forgive him.

Sharon tries to help a runaway who has called the crisis line for help, and shady character from Cane and Billy’s past come to Genoa City to wreak havoc on their lives. To Be continued.

Meanwhile in LA, the Forrester’s gear up for a head to head showdown with Spectra in a fashion show showcase where both design houses preview the newest designs in a battle for supremacy. All funds go to the Spencer research center.

Steffy tells Ridge, Eric’s whereabouts and the two men argue about him returning home to Quinn. Eric says that he has been betrayed and refuses to go home while also telling Ridge that he is no longer his son.

Bill tries to push Thomas away from Sally and back to Caroline by telling Thomas that Caroline is dying.

A furious Caroline says that she will have no part of this and returns to New York.

Tune in next week to find out what happens next.

Until next time sudsers.



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