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By Nicole Sgro

Happy weekend sudsers. Although summer is quickly coming to a close things are heating up in Genoa City and L.A.

So, for your reading enjoyment here is the latest dish on our favorite families.

I will start in Genoa City. The mustache continues his path of fury this week and takes things way too far by completely emptying Nick’s house of all his belongings and then throwing him out of the house. Although this roadblock surfaces Nick gets word that he is cleared to build a coffee shop in Michigan.

The new man in town Ben Hockman sets his sights on Victoria this week and things really start to heat up. The two are set up on a date by Phyllis unbeknownst to Victoria and there is a little too much wine involved which leads to the two spending the night together. At first Victoria does not think that Ben is right for her but after a little persuasion agrees to a second date where she meets up with Abby and Zack who celebrate the launch of their new app.

Tessa records her first single but has a hard time at first because her sister, the elusive “Crystal” reaches out to her and tells her that she is in trouble. Crystal also reaches out to Sharon who finds her at a motel and tries to escape however she is caught and is taken away by her captor. Sharon calls the police and gives them her statement .Desperate to find her sister Tessa reaches out to Zach for help. Zach tells her he will try to help and wishes her luck. We are also finding out that Zach has a bit of a sordid past which eventually will be revealed.

Finally, Jack and Nikki grow closer as Nikki tells Victor she has left the house and moved into a hotel.

This news upsets Dina, Gloria and Ashley. Stay tuned because there is a heatwave going on in Genoa City.

Meanwhile L.A. is going through a heatwave of their own. Thomas goes to New York to be with the “dying” Caroline leaving Spectra in a quandary about rolling out the new fashion line without him.

Sally is interviewed by Liam regarding the recent showdown in Monte Carlo and the future of Spectra. Thomas calls Sally during the interview and is upset that he will not be returning anytime soon. Liam asks what is going on and Sally tells Liam everything assuming he knew Caroline was dying. He confronts Bill with this and Bill tells him that he is trying to get Thomas to step up and be the father that Douglas needs. Bill also is trying to destroy Spectra so he can demolish the building and build a new skyscraper.

He swears Liam to secrecy or else he is out of a job and out of the family. Liam tells this to Steffy who tries to figure out how to deal with this issue.

Elsewhere Eric forgives Quinn and takes her back on the condition that she will never repeat the same mistake again. The family learns of this news and all agree that they would rather see Eric with Quinn than Sheila. Pam calls her boyfriend Charlie to tell him the news. Unfortunately Sheila is with Charlie and hears this news. She demands that Charlie keep quiet about her plan to win Eric back or he will pay dearly.

Phew, I need a cold drink because things are getting hot. See you next week sudsers.


  1. mary owens, August 12, 2017:

    Love hearing your update as I do not alwsys see the shows

  2. mary owens, August 12, 2017:

    Thank you

  3. Nicole Sgro, August 13, 2017:

    Thanks Mary. I enjoy doing the updates. Have a great day. 😊

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