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By Nicole Sgro


Happy weekend sudsers. The residents of Genoa City and L.A. have been quite busy this week and things just keep getting hotter. Here’s the latest scoop.

In Genoa City we find Ashley and Ravi trying to be casual about their little tryst at the Abbott cabin although Jack does have his suspicions. While Hillary revels in her juicy dish that she aired about Victoria Jordan finds himself getting closer to Lily. After trying to seduce Jordan he tells Hilary that it is over which does not sit well with the queen bee. She heads to the athletic club where she spots Cane and tells him to watch his back because Jordan may be moving in on his turf. While still at the club Cane runs in to Juliette who informs him that the baby may have Cystic Fibrosis and a DNA test is needed.

Elsewhere the hunt for Tess’s sister Crystal continues. At the police station two girls are picked up for prostitution and quickly bailed out by the same man that Sharon saw at the motel. She gets a picture of the car and sends it to the cops to investigate. Unfortunately she did not get the license plate in the photo. Tessa sets out on her own to find her sister and comes face to face with this same man. Thankfully she escapes unharmed and heads back home telling no one about her little escapade.

Thanks to a loan from The Hamilton Winters Foundation Brash and Sassy are out of the red and the Dare campaign is back on. With this bit of news Lily is rehired as the spokes model and Jordan the photographer which will have them travelling together.

Victor tells Faith about the new living arrangements at home and she is not happy about this. When she arrives home Nick and Sharon tell her not knowing Victor had already talked to her. Nick and Faith head home to Chelsea’s and at first she seems happy but then gets real angry and calls her grandfather who tells her to keep her chin up and if things get rough she can stay with him.

Now we head to L.A. to see what the crew is up to.

At the Forrester home we find Brooke suspicious of Sheila and begs Eric to have James examine her again. James tells Sheila in private that she is fine however Sheila threatens to go to the medical board and tell them he has an addiction to pain killers unless he keeps her secret. When Brooke and Eric return James tells them that although Sheila is improving she is not quite ready to leave.

At Spectra Sally has a preview of her new line and it seems to be a hit. During the show a faulty wire catches on fire and Liam comes to the rescue and puts the fire out. Liam reports back to Bill about the evening’s events and a seed is planted for a new way to eliminate Spectra.

Elsewhere Katie and Wyatt almost get caught in the act when Bill returns home to get Will for a playdate.

Until next week sudsers stay tuned here for juicier buzz from L.A. and Genoa City.

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