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By Nicole Sgro


Happy weekend sudsers. It has been another busy week in Genoa City and L.A.


So, without further ado let me give you the latest scoop.


I will start in Genoa city. The mustache is back and wreaking havoc on Nick, Noah and Nikki.


He starts by revoking Nick’s athletic club membership and then to add insult to injury, he blocks every chance of Nick opening anymore Underground coffee houses.


He next moves on to Noah by blocking him from VIP access at the music festival. And as usual he then turns his attention to Nikki by having her followed to the cabin where photos are taken of her and Jack kissing.


At the music festival although things are going good for the couples of Mariah and Devon and Noah and Tessa, Mariah and Tessa end up alone in the hotel room and Tessa admits to her crush on Mariah and the two kisses. WHAT WHAT?


Elsewhere, Billy and Phyllis spend an evening at home together declaring it a business free night. Gag.


Victoria makes plans with a new man in town all the while not knowing it was set up by Phyllis so she could be alone with Billy.


Lily and Cane separate after Billy and Victoria tell Lily about Canes shady dealings in L.A. which Cane paid Jesse 25,000.00 to keep quiet about. A furious Lily tells can to leave.


Sharon continues to help at the crisis line. “Crystal” is found but then gets spooked and runs away again prompting Sharon to try to find her again. To be continued next week.


Meanwhile in L.A.


The fashion show ends in Monte Carlo. Although Spectra won according to the online voting, Bill declared that there was no winner and then announced how much money was raised for the foundation thanking all who participated in the event for their hard work.


Eric decides to return home to Quinn however it is not happily ever after. Eric tells Quinn that he wants a divorce then tells her to leave the house. Quinn begs for a second chance but Eric refuses to accept any apologies.

Upset by the fact that Eric left for home Sheila sees hope that he will divorce Quinn giving her a chance to become the next Mrs. Eric Forrester.


Tune in next week sudsers when I will update you on all the dish in Genoa City and L.A.

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