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By Nicole Sgro

Hello my Sudsers!! and Happy September. Hope you had as great a summer as I did. Although I have been away on vacation I was still working hard to bring you the latest dish from the exciting world of daytime drama. Here’s the latest buzz from L.A. and Genoa City.

We start off with the Abbots and Newman’s in G.C. The search for Crystal continues and all roads are leading to Alice and Zach as Scott and Sharon start putting the pieces together. Tessa then decides to put herself in harm’s way by showing up on Alice’s doorstep asking to use the phone because she is running late for work and her phone has died. Jack and Ashely begin to smell a rat when Dina allows Graham to see sensitive Jabot documents. Jack demands to know who Graham really is and why he is helping Dina. Dina seems willing to spill the whole truth but can Jack handle the truth. (Insert Jack Nicholson / Tom Cruise dialogue here.)

Cane has words at different times with Jordan, Reed, and Victoria all in the name of repairing his broken family. Victoria comes to her son’s defense and demands Cane leave at once.

Hillary warns Mariah to watch out because she is through with Jordan and claims Devon still has feelings for her. She then spots Phyllis at the bar complaining about Billy and Victoria’s relationship. Do I smell trouble brewing here? Will these two form an alliance against Victoria? Stay tuned.

Elsewhere Nikki stops by to see Sharon and confess that The Mustache has gone too far and she has had enough. Faith then goes to see her grandfather and call him out on his machinations and informs him she will not be used to hurt her father.

Meanwhile Nick and Noah discuss the impending opening of a new Underground and Nick cautions Noah not to seek help from Victor.

Over in L.A. temperatures may be cooling down but the West Coast is heating up.

Spectra goes up in flames along with Sally’s dreams and designs. Nobody is hurt but Sally goes to the hospital for smoke inhalation. Later on Liam offers to help Sally and she proudly announces to her staff that Spectra will be back in business, sadly without Thomas who will stay in New York with his family.

Liam calls Bill out on the fire at Spectra and Dollar Bill confesses it all. Liam tells his father to resign or he will go to the police. The two have words and Dollar Bill resigns. Steffy and Brooke try to get the two to reconcile but Liam says he is done with his father.

Steffy tells Katie to brace herself because the fashion world is about to be rocked by something new and exciting.

Wyatt tells Katie about why Bill is now estranged from his family, while Brooke still does not know the truth.

Elsewhere Sheila is trying to get back into Eric’s life by trying to catch ridge and Quinn together. And lastly Maya ships Zende and Nicole to Paris so Nicole will not be able to interact with or try to reclaim the baby.

Phew. I am exhausted. Stay tuned Sudsers, things are getting good.



  1. Dianna Callahan, September 16, 2017:

    Way to go Nikki!!

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