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By Nicole Sgro

Hello my Sudsers and Happy Weekend.

Fall is upon us and so is fresh drama from Genoa City and L.A. So let me give you the scoop.

In Genoa City the rivalry between Brash and Sassy and Jabot has heated up. Jack has met again with Hillary about promoting his cosmetics line on her show. She agrees but there is a price, she wants the scoop on the rivalry going on and Jack leaves her with A wait and see response. After Hillary leaves Jack meets Victoria and they have the same conversation ending with wait and see. Victoria then calls Billy and alerts him that Jack is up to something and Billy goes to Phyllis’s laptop to find the answer. And while we are on the subject of #Billis they shared a workout and a steamy sauna scene at the athletic club before heading home for a romantic dinner and “desert”. The Mustache is at it again. He reaches out to Kevin Fisher for help hacking into Nick’s account and transferring 5 mil into his account to teach his son a lesson, meanwhile Nick and Noah prepare to go to Michigan to start work on the new club.

Elsewhere Ashley finds out that Graham has a mother in Florida where he pays for the retirement home that she is staying at. Ashley alerts Dina who dismisses the whole thing. I am thinking that Graham may be Ashley’s brother. Stay tuned time will tell.

Cane and Lilly have a failed attempt at reconciling when they decide to go to a marriage counselor. Although things start off on a good note Lily gets upset and walks out wanting to go ahead with the divorce. Juliette shows up at Cane’s with takeout and Jordan show’s up at Lily’s to show support.

Later Hillary and Juliette meet at the club when Juliette starts having pains. Lily takers her to the hospital and she asks that Cane be called. They are told that the baby could be in danger and needs to be monitored closely.

Tessa performs for a record producer and is offered a tour as opening act for his band. A glimmer of hope shines when Scott recognizes the producer’s date as the hooker he met when he posed as a client.

He tells Sharon and Tessa and they talk to the young lady backstage. She admits that she knows Crystal. Tessa gives her phone number to the young lady and asks her to call If she remembers anything.

Yowza. As if that is not enough now let’s go to the West Coast and catch up with our favorite Californians.

Oh Sheila, when will you give up. Quinn finds out that Sheila is still in town and goes to her hotel room to confront her. They have a heated verbal exchange with Quinn using her favorite words to describe Sheila “Psycho Bitch!” Well that did it. Holy Catfights Batman they fought like two WWE Divas until the maid came in to tidy up and saw this fight going on, best reaction ever “I’ll come back later.” Hey Vince McMahon, I have two Divas you can use if you want.

Moving on, Dollar Bill confesses everything to Brooke and she decides that she has had enough and walks out on Bill and straight into the arms of none other than Ridge Forrester, allow me to put on my big surprised face. She then tries to give her ring back and Bill tells her not to take off her wedding ring.

Liam takes over as CEO and starts making big changes in the company including helping Sally rebuild Spectra. Wyatt gets wind of this and confronts Liam expressing his concerns while Steffy tries to bring peace to the family by asking Liam to listen to reason and reconcile with Bill. He refuses.

So there you have it. Up to date for another week. Please come back to Totally Driven Entertainment to get the scoop on all things entertainment.

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