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Chewin the Fat : 3 Stooges Movie Review

Chewin the Fat 

Three Stooges Movie Review

When I first heard they were doing a Stooges movie, I think it was going to be a bio pic about the Stooges, then when I heard they changed it to a movie with an actual story; I was disappointed, and thought here we go again with another remake because Hollywood is out of original ideas.

I grew up watching the Stooges every Sunday morning with my Grandfather, and I was expecting to see a literal on screen abortion of the greatest comedic team in history.

What I saw was The Three Stooges come back to life in front of my eyes. The stars of this movie truly became the Stooges even down to their voices.  Every movement, mannerism, smack, punch, poke was the Stooges.

It took a Brady Bunch remake route with putting the Stooges in modern day, but it worked. The reason it worked was because the Stooges made you think you were watching a colorized version of the Stooges.

The story itself is ok, but the slapstick of the Stooges keeps your eyes at the screen, and Sofia Vergara doesn’t hurt either.

I’m pretty sure, Moe, Larry & Curly………and my Grandfather all would have enjoyed this movie.

A fun movie for the whole family, my kids laughed throughout the movie, and walked out Stooges fans.

Now to sit them down and give them history lessons in Black & White……………



Bay Ragni………

Chewin the Fat on the 3 Stooges


  1. john j Kelly, April 16, 2012:

    I got my first VCR ( I’m betting kids today dont know what that is) as a Christmas present from MIMI I think in 1980. At that time they down to about $650.When they first came out they were $1000 to $1500 and the only thing people did with them was tape sports games .(Football) Soon after stores like Blockbuster started to appear. There was another machine you could buy that would rewind your tape for you . That was it;s only function. Back then the store would charge $3 to your membership if you did not rewind and you could not rent another tape until it was paid.Anyway we went to the Bazzar and bought my first VHS tape and it was the Three Stooges.we watched it over and over. I still have an old TV that i bought later from Bradlees with a built in tape player.

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