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Chewin the Fat about…….Sam Kinison

Chewin the Fat      April 9th, 2012

20 years………….Hard to believe this Tuesday will mark 20 years ago the world lost one of the funniest comedians to ever grace the stage and make us laugh. Sam Kinison

Sam, the loud, overweight, trench coat wearing comedian who broke onto the comedy scene with his appearance on Rodney Dangerfield’s Comedy special , and never looked back.

He continued to rise to the top of the comedy world, with help of Rodney Dangerfield, David Letterman, and Howard Stern. These three entertainment powerhouses put Sam on their respected shows or movies, which helped bring Sam to the mainstream.

These three saw the talent he had, but with Rodney who also sadly passed, and Dave doubtfully will not acknowledge, but Howard has………..

This past week as Howard was on vacation (yes yes another vacation, but deserved) He gave a tribute to Sam all week long, by replaying his appearances, with himself and staff commenting about Sam.

I really started to listen to Howard in 88 and from 88 – 89, Sam had made a ton of classic appearances on Howard, as well as when they were in their feud at that time as well.

Listening this past week, made me realize that wow, where has the last 20 years gone. I remember where I was when I found out Sam had passed away. I was driving to my local West Coast video (remember those) like 9:30am, to be there for when KISS tickets went on sale, and heard the announcement on the radio and was shocked.

I immediately thought to myself, was he drunk, I’ll never hear Sam do his scream again or make me laugh with new jokes, and what will Howard say on Monday, and what is he feeling.

Listening this past week though I picked up on a few things about Sam, first one being he really wanted to be known, acknowledged and respected as a musician. He didn’t want people to think he was a joke or couldn’t play guitar. He was really upset and it was brought up a few different times in different appearances that he really wanted to stress, that he was truly talented.

Second being that he was truly a person who was hurting inside and wanting love, which he did eventually find with Malika. On one of the appearances Ex K-Rock DJ was brought in the studio, because she was disgusted by Sam, and as she was saying this, it was really hitting home with me. That she felt Sam was a good person, but was going through his life wanting to be loved, and it was part of his reason for his drug & alcohol abuse. Just sad, that when he seemed to really be putting his personal life on track, and get married, a few days later he was gone.

Lastly being the true friendship & love that Howard and Sam had for one another. You can tell that there was a true bond, friendship & brotherhood these two formed over the years together.

You don’t realize in that 6 – 7 year span, how much Sam was really involved in Howard’s show, whether it was by phone, or in the studio, or appearances of Howard events, or just talk about Sam.

This week listening to hours of Sam, I heard the real love that he did have for Howard and his crew, that it wasn’t just Sam using Howard for his own growth, it was because he loved Howard, and Howard loved Sam.

And thanks to Howard for bringing Sam on, as much as he did and bringing us many great hours of radio, and great laughs that 20 years later…………still made me laugh

RIP Sam Kinison






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