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Chewin the Fat : Bay’s Top 10 Tunes of the Year

 Chewin the Bay 

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by Bay Ragni

Bay’s Top 10 Tunes of the Year

Here it is, my annual year old, Top 10 Tunes of the Year. This is my Top 10, with some honorable mentions.

I started doing this back in I think 2004, when I started doing concert and cd reviews for a few different websites, and music magazines.

Music has always been one of my passions, and gets me through each day, to hear some hard pounding music to get the blood pumping, or pop music, or classic rock, or whatever music moves me.

My Top 10 list of tunes is based around my main love of music, the genre of Hard Rock Music.

Let me say, this year band’s like Halestorm, Thousand Foot Crutch, Slash, and some others, put out multiple singles off of their latest releases, and had great songs with each release. So I gave each one of them, my fave tune of theirs in the top 10.

I also want to thank SiriusXM’s Octane station for playing some killer music, day in and day out.

Honorable Mentions………….

Fozzy – Sandpaper



Otherwise – Soldiers



KISS – Hell or Hallelujah



Three Days Grace – Chalk Outline



Linkin Park – Burn it Down



Volbeat Heaven nor Hell



Danko Jones – What a Beautiful Day



Shinedown – Unity







#10 Song of the Year

In this Moment – Blood



#9 Song of the Year

Papa Roach – Still Swingin



#8 Song of the Year

Rolling Stones – Doom & Gloom



#7 Song of the Year

Trivium – Black



#6 Song of the Year

Foxy Shazam – I Like It



#5 Song of the Year

Aranda – Satisfied


#4 Song of the Year

Slash w/ Myles Kennedy – Standing in the Sun



#3 Song of the Year

Thousand Foot Crutch – Let the Sparks Fly


#2 Song of the Year

Halestorm – Love Bites


#1 Song of the Year

Stone Sour – Gone Sovereign / Absolute Zero


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