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Chewin the Fat – Open Letter to Axl Rose


An Open Letter to W. Axl Rose

Dear Axl,

I am one of the many millions of fans who supported you from day one, when I read the small blurb in Metal Edge magazine about GnR in the Rock on the Rise section.

A few weeks later, I had cut school and was in my local record store, and saw Live Like a Suicide, and picked it up, and have been hooked ever since.

I saw you guys come to Philly, and play the Trocadero, The Tower Theatre, open for Aerosmith at the Spectrum, where I watched you get arrested by Philly’s finest in the Spectrum parking lot. On the Use your Illusion Tour, you guys never even played Philly, so I drove out to Hershey to see you.

I bought your cd’s on the day of release, I bought all your tour merchandise every time I was there, had your posters on my wall, as a matter of fact, I still have proudly displayed in my basement my Live Like a Suicide EP, autographed as well as an old club days flyer from the Troubadour in which I had the whole band sign for me, when I met you at the Trocadero after you guys totally kicked my ass & the rest of Philly that night & every night.

Do you remember the raw rock n roll debauchery that you and the original lineup brought from town to town making rock n roll the way it was mean it be, the way that The Stones & Aerosmith paved the way for you to do.

You know the original lineup that totally shook up the world. Not just LA, NY, Vegas, Philly but the whole World.

Sold out shows, World Wide………..World Wide.

Where the world supported not just you, but Slash, Duff, Izzy & Steven……The True GnR.

Yes, you changed members on the course of the way, with Matt, Gilby & Dizzy who were great in their roles, but it was never the same as when the 5 of you had that “Appetite for Destruction”

Fast forward 20 plus years later, GnR music is still played nonstop on music stations all day long, gone all your separate ways are the 5 of you, each of you with your own solo projects & yes Mr. Rose including you.

This band of incredible musicians which you have put together is an incredible band, but for you to call it GnR is disrespect to what you have done in your past body of work.

You could call it The Axl Rose band, and still have the same mild success you are experiencing now, with shows not sold out, the millions of cd’s not sold, or downloaded.

Mr. Rose GnR was a 5 man band, not a 1 man show.

Now you have the chance to be honored by the rock n roll Hall of Fame in which GnR is to be inducted.

GnR as the original 5 of you.

So for past few months, the whirlwind of speculation & rumors have had the world (Hmmmm There is that word again, see the pattern) abuzz with will the original band get up on stage together, will they perform, what will they do.

And as the moment of truth approaches, you in typical Axl fashion decided to write your open letter of BS to the world of fans.

In the past few years, you have gotten on stage & performed with Duff, Izzy & even Steven…………but not Slash.

Why not act like the a mature adult of a rock star that you should be, instead of the pompous ass that you are being, and not give us excuses about getting on stage for this induction.

If the Stones can write books bad mouthing each other, then go into the studio record & tour, well I certainly think so can you.

It is now time, and this was perfect opportunity to test the waters, to see if the magic is still there of the original band for the fans, but for the band as well.

This would have been a chance for the 5 of you to even just get in stage, shake hands & hug like the brothers you all were, and to not only thank the fans for all the support over the years, but to look each other in the eye and say thank you to each other.

Because as much as it was a magical time for Slash, Duff, Izzy, Steven & yourself. It was a magical time for your peers, business partners, record company peeps, and lastly your WORLDWIDE fans.

So lastly Mr. Rose, I just want to thank you once again for letting us fans down……… when you decide you want to walk off stage and end a show, or show up a few hours late, cause riots in a show……(Remember the Philly Riot, I do….because I did not go, and will not go see you again until you decide to embrace the past, but my friends where there and calling me to tell me of the complete destruction going on), and now the RnR Hall of Fame with your bogus open letter of back out.


Bay Ragni

One of your WORLDWIDE Disgusted fans

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