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Cryptic Pictures announces CryptiCast / Series I / Hollywood in Post!

CRYPTIC PICTURES announces the release of its long awaited, in-depth examination of the state of the film industry and the impact this “new normal” has had on filmmakers and audiences worldwide. Join award-winning directors Christian Stavrakis and Mark Ricche as they guide you through the shape-shifting maze of 21st century Hollywood in ten revealing episodes, each focusing on aspects of the art, craft, and commerce of the industry.  From their first-ever Hollywood story pitch to the completion of their award-winning debut film Mortal Remains, the filmmakers share the lessons they learned and the inspirations that led them to continue their pursuits in light of the demise of the Hollywood they once knew. A must-listen for any and all indie filmmakers who are forging the future of cinema!

Coming Summer 2017… Cryptic Pictures will unveil its recently established digital distribution division. A new venture for indie filmmakers who are eager to take the the distress out of distro. CPD provides easier access to online streaming services with just on one click.
Also this summer   Cryptic Pictures will be releasing its four-time award-winning film
Mortal Remains with a digital release oniTunesNetflixDVDand more! See the horror… Own the terror… And if you dare, Join the Cult!
A special tribute to all “old school” fright fans who are craving a taste of the golden age of ’80s horror. Cryptic Pictures is seeking creative, talented artists and film production companies to help us create the latest in horror anthology– Dark Zodiac. This film will be  screened in New York City and streamed on VOD worldwide.

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