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Dan Magnus talks to Totally Driven Radio about Kick Boxing, MMA, Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Schwarzenegger & More !!!!

Dan Magnus talks to Totally Driven Radio about…………….

Kick Boxing, MMA, Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris,

Schwarzenegger & More !!!! 


MAGNUSTotally Driven Radio, the weekly radio podcast heard live every Thursday night from 8 – 11 pm est time on the Totally Driven Entertainment Radio Network, covers the world of sports and entertainment each week, as well as bringing you celebrity guests interviews.

Dan Magnus a 2 Time Champion Kick Boxer, who came back from 2 open heart surgeries to win the titles, and also has been a celebrity bodyguard, as well as teaching his own self-defense method, call the Magnus Method, was one of our guests this week on Totally Driven Radio.

Dan discussed his heart problems, what caused them, and what type of procedures  he had done as well as his comebacks from major surgeries

Dan told us when the Doctor examined him right before his first time to fight for the title, and the Doctor discovered the heart problem, he choked the doctor for not letting him fight.

Dan explained about himself, that he is “a little crazy”, and doesn’t know the word quit.

Dan told us about being friends Chuck Norris, and Chuck introducing him to Arnold Swarzenegger.

Dan discussed his original trainer, who fought Chuck Norris in MSG, and did some training with Bruce Lee.

He explained why he wanted to take his martial arts training further, and become a kick boxer.

Dan also told us when he initially retired in 1988, he retired too soon, and made a comeback 6 years later.

Dan told us about the time he sparred with Ex WCW / WWE Star Eric Bischoff, which he then started training as a pro wrestler, where he later opened a school, and become a pro wrestling promoter.

Dan explained the start of MMA and how Dana White took the WWE Template to create UFC.

Dan discussed how MMA has killed the sport of boxing, and he cannot even name one famous boxer fighting today.

Dan also talked about his work as a celebrity bodyguard.

Dan joins Totally Driven Radio at the 123 minute mark, and hangs out with the boys for over 40 minutes to discuss these topics and more.

You can listen here

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