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ECWA went “ULTRA-HARDCORE on Oct 20th at ECWA WITCHING HOUR in Sewell, NJ!!!  In other promotions you have seen tables. chairs, ladders, barbed wire, weed whackers, glass, light tubes etc… ECWA topped it all tonight and went to the next level when a “knife, hand gun and shotgun” were introduced into a match!!! And yes, someone was “stabbed” and “shot!!!!!!”
Of course, it was all mimed in the match between wrestling’s ONLY break-dancing, wrestling robot SHOCKWAVE the Robot and “French MIME” Jean-Jean LeBon!!!!
And to add insult to injury, about 50 kids put the boots to the fallen French Mime!!!!
Video footage coming soon!!!!!!!!!
*PHOTOS by Hank Stoklosa

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