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Fashionably Me : Evolution of Hair Styles

Fashionably Me

by Kim Jovinelli

Evolution of Hair Styles

Hair. No, not the musical, the stuff on top of your head. Today, I would like to talk about this and how fashion would be lost without it. Picture it, 35 million years ago +, humans were in there infancy. The earth was still covered in trees, plants, and exotic animals. To survive the long, cold winters, Man needed something to keep them warm. Sure, there was animal skins (which came later on the evolutionary chart), but nature had the solution – Hair. Before Homo Sapien, Saipen – or modern man- roamed the earth, 90% of the humanoid species before us were covered head to toe in body hair (or so modern anthropologists speculate). Obviously today this would be taboo or a disease that needs to be cured; but ancient man needed to keep himself warm in the harsh winters that preceded global warming.




Granted, hair has gone through its paces. Styles of hair have evolved throughout the ages – from the Grecian, the Victorian, or the Egyptian; to the Mohawk, the crop and bob, or the rockabilly. Plus, I know for a fact no one is bringing back the hair from the 80’s.


My point is hair is no longer a means of survival. It has evolved into a means of cultural expression and fashion. They say when looking at old pictures, one should spot the youngest woman because she will be the most fashionable. One day, this could be us.


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