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Fashionably Me : Rockabilly / Pyschobilly Part Deux

Fashionably Me

by Kim Jovinelli

Rockabilly / Psychobilly

Rockabilly/Psychobilly: Part Deux

 As predicted by myself not 3 months ago, the rockabilly craze has exploded onto the scene. It actually took quicker then I had expected. I was perusing my favorite websites, stores, and so on and have seen nothing but polka dots, fedoras, and head wraps ala Lucille Ball. I actually even received a free red and white polka dot headband in my Birchbox (if you don’t know what birchbox is, I’ve added the link to the bottom of the article).

Moving right along, Target has TONS of 1940’s style jewelry, clothing, and accessories available to purchase as well. It was actually a bit staggering when I walked in and saw heart shaped bustier (a bit mature for the juniors section, but who am I), belted tube dresses, and even spats! Plus, flowers everywhere! I’m pretty impressed with target for their selection if you are interested in rockabilly on a budget.

I suppose the next craze is dependant upon the season. I predicted Rockabilly; give me to my next article and we shall see where the fashion world turns. Till then chickadees, you stay vintage!

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