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Fork Off w/ Krissi #12 OFFICIAL PREVIEW !!!

Fork Off 1

Fork Off w/ Krissi #12  OFFICIAL PREVIEW !!!


Driven DeLorean and Krissi have an incredible show lined up for you guys this week.

We will be discussing the best and worst of Superbowl ads, the halftime show and the National Anthem performance.

We will be taking callers and playing the “getting to know your fans game”. Basically, you call in, and Driven DeLorean and I give you a word. You must say the first thing that comes to your mind. Not only will we laugh at you, but we will judge you as well. The best part? You give us a word as well! We will also be administering a psychological test to find out how satisfied with yourself you are. This is a lot of fun.

Then we will be playing a round of the classic game “screw, marry, kill” using a plethora of unsavory characters and celebrities. If you have never played this game, you absolutely must call in.

Lastly, we will be answering all of your food questions. If you have any questions regarding what’s the best meal to serve your mother in law to show her up, or what to drop off to your ex boyfriend to ensure he pees out of his butt for the next 24 hours, or just normal recipes that you feed to people you like.

Mark your calendar and set an alarm for Monday, February 3rd, 2014 at 8pmEST.

Save this number 718-508-9883, and call in and talk to us!!

This show is going to be HYSTERICAL!!

Every Monday Night hear the Rotund Chef talk food, cooking, gossip, and Philly Happenings !!!!

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