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Former NHL Superstar Theo Fleury talks to Totally Driven Radio about his career, Winning the Stanley Cup, His Book, His problems and much more !!!

 Former NHL Superstar Theo Fleury talks to Totally Driven Radio……………

about his career, Winning the Stanley Cup, His Book,

His problems and much more !!!


Theo FleuryTotally Driven Radio, the weekly radio podcast heard live every Thursday night from 8 – 11 pm est time on the Totally Driven Entertainment Radio Network, covers the world of sports and entertainment each week, as well as bringing you celebrity guests interviews.

Theo Fleury, Ex NHL Superstar who won a Stanley Cup with the Calgary Flames, and also an Olympic Gold Medalist, who also wrote an autobiography called “Playing With Fire” about  life, career, being molested as a child, as well as being an alcoholic and drug addict was one of our guests this week on Totally Driven Radio.

Theo talked us about playing in the old Philly Spectrum and his memories of the Philly fans as well.

He explained to us how thankful and appreciative he is for the fans, because if it wasn’t for the fans buying tickets, jerseys, etc. the players couldn’t live the life they lead.

Theo talked how writing his book was very therapeutic for him and he really had to get a lot off his chest, and wanted people to know what he really was dealing with while playing in the NHL.

Theo explained how he didn’t realize how many victims of sexual abuse there really is, which in Canada alone is 8 million, and in the United States over 60 Million.

Theo talked about his book, and some of the pictures in the book, like as a small child on his way to play hockey for the first time.

When Theo was asked about not being drafted until the 8th round, he told us he never had a doubt in his mind and knew he would be drafted.

Theo talked about Winning the Stanley Cup, and Sleeping with the Stanley Cup.

He explained how it was difficult for him to leave the Flames.

He talked about how he related to the homeless people, and had the most incredible conversations with them, when he would go hang with them after games in New York.

He discussed failing drug test in the NHL, and not being suspended, and the NHL did not like the statement in his book.

He also felt, that when he was eventually suspended by the NHL, he realizes now that they were trying to help him and save his life.

He talked about his attempted comeback in 2009 with the Flames.

He discussed moments in sports that have brought him to tears.

He told us about his country music band that is working on their first album. He is also writing his second book, as well as all of his motivational speeches.

Theo joins Totally Driven Radio at the 75 minute mark, and hangs out with the boys for over 40 minutes to discuss these topics and more.

You can listen here

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