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Hear Upper Darby Police Chief Michael Chitwood talk about his book TONIGHT !!! on FORK OFF w/ Krissi !!!!

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Hear Upper Darby Police Chief Michael Chitwood talk about his book 

“Michael Chitwood vs The Scumbags”

8pm Est on The Totally Driven Entertainment Network






CONTACT: Edward Jutkowitz



51iNUS9QNJL._SY344_PJlook-inside-v2,TopRight,1,0_SH20_BO1,204,203,200_Experience the Ordeals of a TOUGH COP

Their intensive drug raid had the pusher cornered, barricaded behind the other side of a locked door. Mike Chitwood called on him to surrender. Suddenly a shot exploded through the door, hitting Chitwood’s partner, who fell seriously injured into his arms. Then a second shot rang out, narrowly missing Chitwood’s head. Enraged, Chitwood grabbed a sledgehammer to break down the door—as two more shots were fired. Surrounded now by three armed narcotics officers, the pusher finally threw out his gun and emerged—but carrying a baby as his shield. Every instinct impelled Chitwood to do society a favor and rub this scumbag out now. Somehow he gritted his teeth and simply took him in. Suppose his shot had killed that child? Thinking it through changed Chitwood’s life.

Reading Tough Cop: Mike Chitwood vs. the “Scumbags” ($17.95 paper, Camino Books, October 31, 2013) could help change yours. It may well be the most gripping account ever written about a law enforcement professional’s career, spanning nearly a half-century. It combines heart-pounding action with pivotal decision-making, from Chitwood’s South Philly roots to his responsibilities heading police departments from Portland, Maine to Upper Darby, Pennsylvania. Follow Mike Chitwood as he becomes the most decorated officer in Philadelphia police history, from defying death in critical hostage negotiations to such high-profile cases as finding the body of Ira Einhorn’s former girlfriend, Holly Maddux.

In his transition from “Dirty Harry” to “Media Mike,” Mike Chitwood evolved to one of this nation’s earliest and most vocal advocates of sane gun control legislation and advanced community policing. His dramatic confrontation with the FBI over 9/11, so timely today, helped make him a national celebrity, probably the most visible police chief in America. A career cop, he has declined offers to run for public office, from Governor of Maine to U.S. Congressman from his Pennsylvania district. He’s immersed in protecting people for the duration, as enthusiastic today as when that dream first formed in the mind of a young safety patrolman.


About the Author

Dr. Harold I. Gullan is a noted historian and author of books on a wide variety of subjects, from presidential parents to sports and politics. He is the author of Jumping Through Hoops: Why Penn Wins, and the coauthor of Don’t Call Me Coach with Phil Martelli of Saint Joseph’s University and View from the Booth: Four Decades with the Phillies with Chris Wheeler. Tough Cop marks a promising new departure for Hal Gullan. He lives in the Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia with his wife, Elizabeth.


To obtain a complimentary review copy of the book or to schedule an interview with the author, contact Edward Jutkowitz, 215-413-1917,

Available at bookstores or directly from the publisher, Camino Books, Inc., P.O. Box 59026, Philadelphia, PA 19102, $23.90 postpaid.


Mike Chitwood vs. the “Scumbags”

$17.95 paperback

6 x 9 in.

190 pages

14 photographs

ISBN 978-1-933822-77-8


Also available as an ebook for $7.99


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