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Interview with Andy Henson & Gary Watlington of Last Nights Villain

MOMENTUM: Regional Spotlight on Up and Comer 

Last Nights Villain

Interview by Kristin Welcome 

Last Nights Villain hails from Lynchburg, Virginia and delivers on driving riffs, melodic hooks, and encompasses musical styles from eighties Hard Rock, to current Hard Rock and Metal grooves. The band has a motivating and fun stage presence that will have you singing along to all their songs. The first video for their single, “The Poison” is out now on YouTube, and you can find a free download of all their current songs on ReverbNation. Check these guys out, as they are on a path to something big. Currently opening for Pop Evil, at Phase 2 in Lynchburg, Virginia; Last Nights Villain is set to deliver. I caught up with Gary (guitarist) and Andy (vocals) of Last Nights Villain, to learn more about the band.

KW: Thank you for taking the time to speak with me. Tell me about Last Nights Villain and how the band formed, and when?

Gary: Well I’ll tell you what I’ll introduce the band, and I will probably let the singer do most of the talking, because he is good like that. I play guitar; we have got Shaun (Mayhew) which is the drummer, Chris (Burrill) the bass player, Andy (Henson) the singer and guitar player, and we have Wayne (East) which is the guitar player, so we are a five piece band. We are like Iron Maiden (laughs) Andy, I will let him answer the questions; like I said he is good like that. (Laughs)

Andy: (Laughs) Hello, how’s it going?

KW: Hello, good how are you?

Andy: Let’s see about three years ago Gary, Wayne and I had an eighties tribute band called winged Gypsy, where we wore wigs and played Motely Crue and Ratt and all that stuff and Wayne and I were in another band, basically the other band broke up and we still had the eighties tribute band, and we just wanted to turn that into a real band. So we came up with the name last nights villain. It’s got lots of meanings, and we are all good guys. Everyone says you’re all such good guys, why do you do the villain stuff all the time, but it’s got a lot of different meanings.

Gary: Personally you think the name itself has different meanings to each individual.

Andy: Yeah exactly.

Gary: A villain could be alcohol to one guy, a woman to another guy, it could be a man to a woman, drugs to a man, and it’s got so many different meanings.

Andy: The main thing about the name is it doesn’t exist. It’s really hard to find a unique band name these days that has not been taken.

KW: How would you describe your sound and some of your influences?

Andy: Oh gosh.

Gary: (laughs)

Andy: Well we are a little but older, not going to say our ages, but we have experienced all the different genres of hard rock, and heavy metal, from the eighties you know , Hard Rock like Motely Crue, Ratt, Dokken; the heavier stuff Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax. We like a lot of the nineties like White Zombie Pantera, more modern stuff, like Korn, Sevendust; we like everything

Gary: Avenged Seven Fold.

Andy: As far as our original sound we try to take the best of all of those, whatever we like, we try to take the riffs; comes out. The best way to describe it, we have got something for everybody, people who like the more modern Hard Rock bands dig us.

Gary: To give you an idea we have opened up for KIX, and we are getting ready to open up for Pop Evil so we do both genres the eighties and the new rock. I think our sound is a mix from the eighties to the 2000s.

Andy: I would say Hard Rock, I wouldn’t really say Heavy Metal, although some people think we are Metal.

Gary: We try to get good vocals.

Andy: Yeah, whether you like the song or not you will walk around singing it. We can appeal to more modern and fans of older Hard Rock as well.

KW: It’s great to have such diversity. Tell me what is the biggest tour you have done or most memorable.

Andy: The Blue Ridge Rock Festival which had Scott Stapp from Creed, Drowning Pool, Saliva, THC, Orgy. Orgy and Tantric used our amps so that was pretty cool. That was a good experience. It was a two day festival here in Lynchburg, it was pretty awesome.

KW: I was actually at that festival.

Andy: We also played with Puddle of Mudd, that was a pretty cool venue, a lot of fans. We are also hoping the Pop Evil show will rival that crowd wise. That is coming up February 10th at Phase 2 in Lynchburg, Virginia.

KW: Is it one show you are doing with them or will you be following them on tour?

Andy: We are just doing the one show.

KW: Talk to me about the video you have done, and the song “The Poison” and the message behind that song.

Andy: the lyrics for that basically everyone has been through some kind of emotional breakup you know, with an ex, if you have a couple of them you start to think well maybe it’s me. You start dating somebody else, and you start getting scared because you are like well I have already had this relationship fail, and you are kind of telling yourself that you are the poison. That’s one of the meanings behind it. I try to have a bunch of different meanings in there and people might think something different than I think. It could be you and the person broke up, and you try to make it an amicable split, and all of a sudden they are treating you poorly, or their friends are treating you poorly, and you are saying, “go ahead live your life and leave me alone”.

KW: So the video takes a dark or a bloody turn, talk about making the video?

Andy: We don’t know what is going on in the video, it’s our buddy and director Chris Townsend; he has been on tour with a lot of different musicians and taking photographs and videos with them. He has worked with Imagine dragons, Switchfoot, …

Gary: This guy is an artist, he wants to put our video into a film festival in Los Angeles this year. So what you are seeing is the artist in him, he basically wanted to do this video to help us out, but to put it into this film festival.

Andy: You can find Chris on Instagram.

KW: Tell me what is ahead for you this year?

Andy: Hopefully in the year 2018, we want to play with a lot more national bands; get our video and our song on to the internet, and radio stations if we can. Regular radio stations if we can, but I know that’s a whole different ball game, business wise. We of course play around the Virginia area and we want to expand over DC, Maryland, and South Carolina.  You know we do have jobs so I do not see any long touring, but we can do weekend type shows; Thursday through Saturday. A lot of bands do weekend warrior type tours since touring is so expensive today.

KW: Yeah, a lot of bands have go fund me accounts, and so forth and the struggle is real.

Andy: We try to talk to different booking agents, and it’s a different ball game out there. We are just trying to get our name out there. The whole thing now with the internet is you can go out there with a band, and play to five people every night, but you don’t have too. You can get your music on all the platforms, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify; which our music will be up on those all soon. You can see us on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, twitter; we have all that stuff.

Gary: It’s funny because me and Andy we’re talking the other day; our five singles you can download for free a, but some people would rather buy it, so we are going to have it on iTunes where people can buy it.

Andy: Go to ReverbNation/ LastNightsVillain and right now you can download all of our songs for free, but soon they will also be on iTunes, Spotify; every other web based service out there.

KW: Is the web the best way you have found for people to find out about your music.

Andy: Now a days yeah.

Gary: we are working on a gig in Baltimore with some friends up there, so hopefully that will be coming up in April. We’ve got really good friends in the music business who play all over. We just need to hook up, and get out there, and do some shows out of state. Like we said we have full time jobs, but weekends is time to rock out.

KW: So is there anything else that I haven’t covered, or anything that you would like to share with the Totally Driven reader’s?

Andy: We just want to keep making the best music we can, we enjoy it, and we hope the listener’s enjoy it. That’s about it.

Gary: myself, Wayne, and Shaun all went to the same high school, but we have all known each other for a long time;  and have been good friends, and have been in different bands, and we just have a really good mix right now. We are a bunch of brother’s, and we are having fun, and whenever we play it seems the crowd is having fun too.  When you start to see the crowd sing your songs back to you that’s good, and that happened.

Andy: if people are looking for us they can find us on Facebook at Last Nights Villain, ReverbNation/LastNightsVillain, Instagram at LNV Official, YouTube; all these different web pages we have.

KW: I hope you guys make it up to Baltimore so that more of our audience can come and see you.

Andy: We are trying to work out a few more shows in Maryland right now, one with Street Light Circus, and another band called Babylon Shakes.  We are trying to set up some shows with those bands all over the place. That should be some pretty cool stuff.

KW: I look forward to it, thank you guys for taking the time to speak with me this evening.

Last Nights Villain: (in unison) thank you.


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  1. Bernard Dalton Jr, February 7, 2018:

    Very insitefull interview. Super stoked and impressed for everyone involved. Awesome band seen them live several times. Put on a great show giving 110% every time. Can’t wait to hear more. 🤘🤘🤘 Thanks to Totally Driven as well for showcasing local and up and coming bands.

  2. Susan, February 7, 2018:

    Great interview guys!!!

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