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INTRODUCING………. New and Upcoming Rapper Yung FL

 by Reina Darling

Daniel Lowe known as Yung FL. or Yung Fast Life. He is a Rapper/Hood artist | vocalist from Pensacola, Florida. He was inspired mostly by Z-ro. Coming from a rough place, he was raised by his Aunt and grandmother – struggling to be somebody. He felt he had a lot in common as a teenager with Z-ro. Other artists such as 8 Ball, MJG, UKG, Project Pat & Tupac was also a big influence and an inspiration. Telling your own life story and being true to yourself is what all these rappers and young artists had in common.

Yung FL grew up with no other family members that he knows of playing any musical instruments but they always had a love for music. He found out from an early age that he was good at the piano and keyboard.

Yung FL.’s first show was with the well-known artist Lucci in Mobile, Alabama at Club Krush back in December 3rd of 2016. His second show was at Coast2Coast, a major showcase live in Atlanta where he won 1st place December 3rd of 2017 1 year later. Coast2Coast travels across the U.S. looking for the next big unsigned artist. Since winning 1st place, he will follow up in Miami for the championship competition which all 1st place winner holders from around the states compete against each other.

Yung’s passion for the music is what makes him and his craft so incredible. His experiences make his lyrics and sound stand out from other artists following the same lane. He knows how to make good music. His endgame goal is to be deeply understood and felt on a real level through his music. Yung lost his brother 2 years ago when he was shot in a home invasion. This loss of life drove him to many demons, but the most devilish of all was an attempt of taking his own life. Although his life at times felt empty, the missions and goals he and his brother shared pushed him to keep going. His brother’s murder caused serious lack in motivation but as time passed, he turned his grief and sorrow into power and push. Now he strives to be a good father to his 5-month-old son while maintaining and holding down a job and still continuing to work on his recordings.

Yung writes his own melodies, lyrics & hooks while his producer makes the beats. His engineer records and mixes everything, making sure his flow is crisp so you can feel every word. His next big showcase will be held in New York where he will be flying out March 27th to Universal Records alongside other major recording labels and an Executive from Empire will be there. His current project is called “Taken Off” which you will be able to purchase and stream on iTunes, Apple music, YouTube, Spotify and other main music social sites. These sites help promote talent and give you a greater chance of getting you noticed and the right person coming across your platform and giving you a lucky hand.

With many older rappers who’ve painted the way for younger artists, it doesn’t show in today’s music or so-called Rap Game like it did back then. The hardships about living as a young black male have been lost and replaced with fantasizing senseless crime, designer clothing and disrespecting the community. No longer shared stories of brotherhood, power in community, wealth in knowledge, celebration of life, love or self-victory. The music and life stories and way of things and situations they’ve faced in life and coming from a rough neighborhood or not so fortunate life style, he felt it was meant for him to be great and take his talent of being able to be a poet that he is and put his life, struggles, and pain, into a poetic form and tell the truth about the life of The Streets and being an African American into today’s society. The good, bad, and ugly. Including losing someone very dear and special which all of us face. He wants to be influential to people who have dreams and who have been through a lot in their life. The things that could have broken them or made them and just be the person that somebody understands and can look up to.

He says “life ain’t easy but you got to keep going, keep pushing and eventually life will have its rewards.”

As with everybody, having to pay bills as an adult he just works hard and grinds every day, he pushes until he can’t push no more. Like his name Yung FL. “FL” standing for “Fast Life”. He had to become a man early in life, he had to face the fact if he wanted anything done he had to do it himself and he had to be willing to fight, cry, hurt, as well as destroy anything that comes or gets in his way becoming great.

After all he says that” if anything I will just keep pushing it on my own.” He feels he has the drive and the music that people have been missing. To Yung it is more than just music it’s his life and many other young lives that live on those tough streets.

He said “It don’t have to be Brooklyn, the Bronx, Compton, and Chicago. It’s the streets of any poor neighborhood, young boys growing up without fathers, mothers, gangs, unemployment, and just the way most of the world see’s young black males. Yung said “If anybody can come from the street’s and put their self in a position to accomplish their dreams using their “talent” or what they are “good at” it’s me being that kind of influence.” Yung also stated “I feel I done my part with other younger boys growing up with the similar life I’ve gone through or witnessed.”

Yung also stated “I wish to do my part in giving back to society what society has given me which is a chance.” What Yung is referring to is a charge when he got caught with a concealed weapon, drugs, and marijuana. The judge gave him probation instead of a sentence. He seized the opportunity that it could have failed for him but instead he felt blessed, completed his probation and is continuing to work.

Yung formally known as Yung Agony changed his name to Yung FL. (fast life). Not wanting to be associated with another artist but for the fast life he knew all too well.

Yung FL. will be having Atlantic Records Investors looking at him. He will be also meeting up with Lil Boosie in Atlanta after his cd drops to see if he interested in him as an artist as well.

You can view most of Yung FL.’s music here. Yung’s first and titled CD “Life After Bobby” His second CD is due to drop in 4 weeks.

Watch “Yung Agony – Life After Bobby (Full CD)” 

Watch “Yung Agony – Intro”

Watch “Yung Agony – Ms. Codiene”  

Watch “Yung Agony – Fuck With Me”

Watch “Yung Agony Ft Spade Melo – Usually Dont (Prod by Spade Melo)”

Watch “Yung Agony – Know For a Fact”

Watch “Yung Agony Ft Lil Bobby – I’m Da Man” 

Watch “Yung Florida – In My City (Fast) 561Funks” 

Watch “Yung Agony – Licc Afta Licc” 

Watch “Yung Agony – Riding Foreign”

Watch “Yung Agony – I Gotta Make It” 

Watch “Yung Agony – So in Love” 

Yung FL Performs at Coast 2 Coast LIVE | Atlanta All Ages Edition 12/3/17 – 1st Place

Facebook: Yung FL
Twitter: @YungFL1
Snapchat: Yungfl1
Instagram: yung_fl1


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  1. Reina, February 12, 2018:

    Every success story has a beginning. Love the article.

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