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Kelle Rhoads talks to Totally Driven Radio about his brother Randy, his family, Musonia, Quiet Riot, Ozzy, his musical career & tons more !!


Kelle Rhoads talks to Totally Driven Radio about …

his brother Randy, his family, Musonia,

Quiet Riot, Ozzy, his musical career & tons more !! 


Kelle-Rhoads-Kelly-Garni-and-Randy-Rhoads-at-Kelly-Garnis-B-day-party-back-in-the-dayTotally Driven Radio, the weekly radio podcast heard live every Thursday night from 8 – 11 pm Est time on the Totally Driven Entertainment Radio Network, covers the world of sports and entertainment each week, as well as bringing you celebrity guests interviews.
This week we had the opportunity to talk with the brother of Randy Rhoads, Kelle Rhoads who has not only kept his brother’s spirit alive, but carrying on the family tradition and business that their mother Delores started Musonia Music School. Kelle discussed a ton of topics like……

**His mother being a matriarch and starting a dynasty of musicians

**How moved people actually get when they come to take a tour of Musonia

**How it is for him personally being a Musonia daily, having grown up there and so many memories

**Whether it gets annoying or too much emotionally for him and his family to always is asked to talk about Randy, or to come see Musonia

**What made him venture into the world of Classical Music?

**Why him & Randy did not keep playing together like their band Violet Fox

**The Randy Rhoads Remembered concert this Saturday night, and what songs he is performing

**How the Titanic inspired his first cd

** About The blues sequence that appears on his 2nd cd that is a lost tape of Randy

**When did he realize that Randy truly had “it?”

**How every obstacle Randy came up with to not go play with Ozzy, his mom had a solution for all, and forced him to go

**Whether Kelle was a fan of Black Sabbath

**What his feelings where on Randy not wanting to play the Black Sabbath songs with Ozzy

**The reason Sharon & Ozzy wanted to do the Live Sabbath album so bad

**If Kelle thinks Randy would’ve left Ozzy if he had lived and had to do what would be “Speak of the Devil”

**Kelle’s opinion on Quiet Riot when Randy was in the band

**What Kelle thought of Randy’s polka dots & bow ties?

**How George Lynch took Randy’s place as guitar teacher as Musonia

**Who does Kelle think was the best guitarist to play with Ozzy after Randy?

**What he felt about Quiet Riot Metal Health era

**What his feelings are about people with books & documentaries

**Whether he has any more recordings of Randy

Kelle calls in at the 124 minute mark and hangs out for over 55 minutes to discuss these topics and more, in what was a

You can listen here

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