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Man Cave QB Food Review

Man Cave Quarterback

Food Review

Man Cave Food review rating system:

5 Belly’s Full = that’s some button popping hold all my calls till 2099 good eating food

4 Belly’s Full = Yea I on my third plate!

3 Belly’s Full = Meh! It will do

2 Belly’s Full = this it? Who did I make mad

1 Belly’s Full = I’d rather go vegan (no I kid but seriously this sucks)

Big Daddyz BBQ




Phone #610-585-9833

Man Cave Food review (Man foods only)

Now understand I will only review Man foods. No Fu-Fu places, No Vegan, No fancy places that I have to wear a jacket too. Real food the kind your daddy would be proud you’re eating.

Now I hate to review this place because I want to keep it my secret but something this good cannot be hid for long. So my first place is one that I cannot recommend enough. I came across this place by accident my little brother was going through The Clipper Magazine and found an ad. It’s a tiny little place, Take out only., I had to have the 2 meat’s and rib’s platter, so that I could try as many things as possible: pulled pork (juicy, not stringy); brisket (tender and fatty); ribs (nice rub); mac ‘n’ cheese (like a thick Velveeta, with bacon in it); baked beans (just enough spice to give it that extra yum). I liked Daddy’z BBQ sauce too.

 So Far, all the food exceeded my expectations. Then I tried a Smoked kielbasa sandwich. Now mind you, kielbasa is one of those foods that I can take or leave it. It always tasted the same to me. So the Deal is Ribs, 2 Meats, 2 Sides, and Fresh Corn bread.  I had the Pulled BBQ Pork and got the Kielbasa just to fill the plate the portions are very generous and I figured if I got full then the kielbasa my brother would eat since he’s a fan. So I tasted the pork and took one bite of the kielbasa and I was like is this for real? It’s kielbasa it’s not supposed to be this good. So my little brother who is the kielbasa expert says the same thing, this is the best he’s ever had. So a food that never stood out to me just jumped up and slapped the taste out of my mouth. So if a side meat is this good can’t wait for the Main event.

Now wait a second, I did not even get to the ribs yet and so far this is a really super meal. A great place is only as good as all its dishes, not just the main event. Too many times I’ve had BBQ where the Ribs are great and all else is Meh! So far Daddy’z has delivered on all dishes I’ve tried. Well the Ribs, O man!!  The ribs are great with a good crust on them; cooked just right, smoked to perfection with a great dry rub.

The wings are also good and they have a Sunday 50 cent wing deal. Their BBQ corn side is another must try. My other favorite is the Burnt end of the brisket it’s a limited thing but if it’s there don’t pass it up. Another food I was never a fan of until Daddyz was Corndogs, to me a corndog was always a Carnival or redneck food. Well buy me a pick up and put Dixie on my house, I’m going redneck.

They are great fresh from the fryer, the batter is sweet and tasty and the dog itself is top notch. The Shrimp Boil is another thing I recommend you try. I still have a few things I’d like to try but so far I’m a Happy Camper .The prices are really reasonable,  the Rib platter with 2 side meats and 2 sides and fresh cornbread is only $14.95 and it good portions too you can feed 2 people on that alone

The one complaint I have is Big Daddyz is too good sometimes they sell out quick and the doors close. So order early. The service is top notch too they will give you a time and when you get there your food is ready I have never waited once. I love taking new people to this place because as soon as you get out of the car the wonderful smell of BBQ hit you and then one someone Taste’s it for the first time. Joe Tully who also contributes for TD.TV had the double bypass sandwich one bite and the look on his face was priceless. Joe hails from New Jersey and you know they are lacking in any good food places so I try to show him the good life as much as I can.

Tom.Z the owner is always behind the Grill and you can tell he enjoys what he does. I like when a place thanks a customer and you know they mean it. It is not an empty go through the motions staff. Tom has been at the BBQ business since 2008 and I will say he has mastered his craft. The only giant outdoor smoker in the area makes for some really great ribs. Tom and his staff are super friendly.

Big Daddyz BBQ gets the best rating I Give: 5 Belly’s full 

Good service

Good Food

Good portions

Good prices

For more info on Big Daddyz BBQ

This has been your Man Cave Quarterback, Frank Naimoli …….until next time !!!

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