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Man Cave QB : Poppel Sports Card & Autopgraph show

The Man Cave Quarterback

by Frank Naimoli

Poppel Sports Card & Autopgraph show

Granite Run Mall  May 19, 2012 

This was my first Poppel  card show at the Granite Run Mall and my second signing show, the last being the Lindros, LeClair debacle.


There was not too many tables, but did find some good deals at one table. The rest of the tables’ prices were so-so. About a dozen tables in all not much at all in the way of variety.


 I was there to meet 3 pitching legends,  Denny McLain, Fergie Jenkins and Gaylord Perry. The price for all 3 was only $25, which is a bargain for three Cy-Young winners.


Most of the people were there for former Phillie Pat Burrell, but $89 to me was a waste of money,  but hey it’s their money right. You have 3 legends there and you want one of the most miserable players to ever wear a Phillies uniform that’s up to you.


As is the case with the last show here, the Poppel’s were very unorganized and you had to go to 3 different people to buy your tickets depending who you wanted. The thing that made me mad was buying tickets, then asking where the people were signing and getting 3 different answers. Good thing the mall is not too large we found our guys after asking a fan which line they were in.


No signs where posted as to what time they were signing and nothing  on the tables to know who was signing. There were about 5 people that were there and no signs in front of any of them as to who they were.


In my opinion,  you just lost out on sales because I know my brother got Kim Batiste’s autograph (on a Crappy 8×10) and the only reason he knew he was there is because he recognized him.


This is where signs would have been very helpful, not just for myself but others in attendance. I might have been interested in getting more autographs,  but with no way of knowing who was actually there.  I didn’t want to ask the people that couldn’t tell me where people were signing earlier.


The 8×10 photos they supplied were cheap copies, I didn’t really feel a good quality at $5. You should  print your own or buy from a website.


Overall Review Ratings 1-5 Thumbs up


Prices: For the legends and most of the guys except Burrell,  were very fair : 3 Thumbs Up



Dealers : only a few tables, not much merchandise or many good deals : 2 Thumbs up


Organization : No signs, ticket buying was confusing , People selling tickets not knowing where or the time the signing taking place : 1 Thumb up


Overview : For guys that have been in the Signing game as along as the Poppel’s have,  you would think this was their first show to me that shows a lack of respect to the people coming to the show. It’s not hard to put information about your show at your show . Overall Rating : 2 Thumbs up

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