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Man Cave Quarterback

Tim Tebow Do nice guys finish last? Or are we all just haters?

Tim Tebow! Never in all my years of watching sports have I seen this. College quarterbacks with a winning career like his whose awards speak for themselves. You would think every team would like to have a QB like Tim. Not only does he perform but outside of the field he’s a standup person who has never been in trouble. Tim is a very spiritual person. He gives back as much as he takes. So why do so many people hate him?

In the 35 years I have watched sports; I have never seen a better spokesman for living the good life. But on the other side I have never seen so many want one man to fail. Fans, Players, Coaches, Heck even his own GM wanted him to fail. Is it because he’s too clean and we are used to dealing with people like Michael Vick and Plaxico Burress who are only good guys now because they both went to jail? Is it so hard to believe a guy can be that clean in sports? Are we as fan’s so jaded that we refuse to believe this guy is a good person and really loves football?

Last year Tebow got to start much to the dismay of HOF QB and Bronco’s GM John Elway. Everybody wanted Tim to fall on his face even his own team. Well Tim did not fall, he won. Some of the wins were ugly ….Real ugly, but he keeps going and kept winning.

I was never a Bronco’s fan but I could not wait for their games each week, football was fun to watch again and fan’s started to feel that way too. Pictures of Tebowing were all over the internet. The Bronco’s had a best-selling jersey and people cared about that team for the first time in a long time.

In the end Tebow’s inexperience caught up to him and the lost. Before he lost he won a playoff game beating the Steelers 29-23 in overtime in what was the best game in years to watch. John Elway proclaimed Tebow will be out starter next year!

Well jump forward Peyton Manning is released from the Colts and John Elway now being one to not keep his word picked up Manning. I lost a lot of respect for Elway that day; he seems to me like a petty kid.

Elway says Tebow needs more training? You are a HOF QB who better to learn from, but not once did Elway step up or bring in somebody to help make Tim the QB you want, no it was easier for you to dump him .

Well Mr. Elway what you failed to see was without your help with Players and a lot of fans laughing in his face, Tim Tebow won and broke records you never did a franchise record for quarterback rating in a playoff game (125.6) and an NFL record for yards per completion (31.6) in a playoff game.

So no matter how much you did not like him Mr. Elway his name is in the books not yours. A nice guy made football fun again for me and for the first time in my life I will be a Jets fan because I want a nice guy to finish first.

I’m a Tebow fan and I never even told you about all the charity work he does and if you ask Tim he will not tell you either. That’s Class and us as fans should really look hard at our role models.

If you agree with his religion or not if you’re a fan, be a fan and enjoy the most fun QB playing today, I know I will. And Mr. Elway you better hope Manning delivers or you will look more like a Donkey than you already do.

Below is Tim’s College awards I’m hoping to see Super Bowl Champ on their someday.
2× BCS National Championship (2007, 2009)
2× SEC Championship (2006, 2008)
2× First-team All-American (2007, 2008)
Second-team All-American (2009)
3× First-team All-SEC (2007, 2008, 2009)
AP Player of the Year (2007)
Davey O’Brien Award (2007)
2× Maxwell Award (2007, 2008)
Heisman Trophy (2007)
Quarterback of the Year (2007)
Manning Award (2008)
William V. Campbell Trophy (2009)

By Frank Naimoli

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