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Marvel is augmenting our comic reality…

Maverick’s Comic Round-up


Sometimes in the excitement to read a new comic, little things escape your attention. While recently reading AvX #1 I noticed an annoying little symbol that kept popping up, a little red rectangle with the letters AR inside.
At the time I didn’t think much of it, until I went back to the book a few days later planning on checking out the free digital download that came with the book. I discovered that the little icon stood for Marvel’s “Augmented Reality” a fun new feature, that when ironed out may change how we read event comics.

Marvel’s AR is an app, that you can download for free if you have an iPhone, ipad, or Android device. When you activate the app and place your device over comic frames with the symbol you get bonus features, or “easter eggs”, similar to the special features on a DVD.

AvR features several off these symbols and the easter eggs range from comments from writer Brian Michael Bendis, to an animation of the chosen panel showing the development of the panel from sketch to finished product. One wise feature were character bios, which, actually helped with a small problem I had reading the comic. I stated in my review that I wasn’t too familiar with the character of Hope, well there’s a handy bio of her in the app that fills you in quickly on who she is. A smart move by Marvel, and an easy way to help new readers catch up on things. Could this be the 21st century equivalent of narrative boxes that seems to have fallen out of favor with current comic storytellers? I suppose time will tell.

I really liked this new feature, and it was a fun way to go back and read the story with added content. I don’t know that it works to use the app on the first read through of the comic, the constant stopping to check the app could break up the story momentum.

I hope Marvel uses continues to use the AP feature, it’ll be fun to see what else they can put into the books, or what else you could do with the technology.

(Image credit: Marvel.Com)

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