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Maverick’s Comic Roundup Review : Iron Fist #1 ($3.99 Marvel Comics)

Iron Fist #1 ($3.99 Marvel Comics)
Writer:  Ed Brisson
Artist:  Andy Troy

With Netflix’s new Iron Fist show on the air it makes sense that Marvel would put out a new comic to capitalize on the characters newfound exposure.
The series starts with Danny Rand having lost his powers due to K’un-Lun being destroyed.  In a desperate attempt to restart his powers and find his Chi, Rand is taking part in underground fighting tournaments around the world.  The lack of powers and purpose have driven him to desperation, lashing out in anger and alcohol until a mysterious figure makes him an offer he can’t refuse.

The book mirrors some of the internal struggles that Iron Fist deals with in the Netflix series and the book attempts to mimic the grittier tone of the show as well.  None of this I think is by accident, nor is it a bad move by Marvel as I expect people will be looking to learn more about the character. And while the comic is not directly tied to the Netflix show I think it’s similar enough in tone that fans of the show will be satisfied.

Masked wrestling cowboy The Maverick is the host of Maverick’s Comic Roundup heard Sunday Mornings at 9am and Retro Rasslin’ Radio heard Friday Nights at 9pm on the Totally Driven Radio Network and also writes comic reviews for Totally Driven’s website.  He is the host of the “Galactic Clubhouse” Star Wars family podcast and writes comic book reviews for Comic Universe.

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