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Mav’s Comic Round – Up

Maverick’s Comic Round – Up

Howdy folks,
Here we are again, welcome to another comic roundup. Convention season has officially started and this weekend is C2E2 the biggest comic con in Chicago and a favorite spot for publishers, who every year seem to use this con to start telling us about all the summer comic goodness. So news should be plentiful for the next few articles.

Have you heard about the ongoing drama surrounding “Powers” The creator owned comic series by Brian Michael Bendis that FX has been developing into a comic? The on again off again, is it or isn’t it, saga continues as it looks like the FX network is ordering a second pilot with a completely different cast. At this point they could make a TV series about all the drama into making the series. Regardless, I want my weekly fix of Walker and Pilgrim on the small screen!

If you haven’t read Powers, go do it. It’s BRILLIANT. It’s the story of a former Superhero turned police detective and his partner who work on cases involving “powers” or super person related crimes.

I’m really looking forward to Jeffrey Brown’s new book “Darth Vader and Son” It should be a lot of fun. The little bit of it I’ve seen is funny stuff.

Avengers movie fever is starting to kick into high gear. I read an interesting article online that makes it sound like Marvel is going to have a monster hit on it’s hands. Some theaters have already sold out it’s presales and are adding screens to accommodate. They’re projecting the Joss Whedon film to open at around 120 million.

Speaking of the Avengers movie, I was in Target this week and they have a very cool set up for their Avengers movie product, including giant Hulk footprints that go down the aisle and stop in front of the toys. Sounds simple, but it’s working like a charm, even my daughters who could care less about the Avengers had fun “following the Hulk” and playing with the toys. I got away unscathed, but the couple behind me with three boys ended up with a few new superhero toys in their cart thanks to the footprints.

Looks like DC is stepping up their digital game. They recently announced some more digital only titles, including a non continuity Batman title.

Speaking of digital, Archie comics, who’ve already jumped head first into the digital game, is going to revive their superhero line this May with a digital only series called “New Crusaders” featuring the descendants of the Original Red Circle Heroes and some of the classics. It looks WORLDS better than what DC tried to do with the characters a few years back.

The Pull List:

Spongebob Comics #8 (United Plankton-Bongo)
This one isn’t actually on my pull list, but my daughters. Since it was a short book week for me comic wise I figured I’d check it out. I have to say I was impressed. They pack a lot of spongebob into these comics. You get several short strips, a poster and an activity type page where you can draw your own pics into a comic. If you’re kid likes spongebob, and let’s face it, they probably do, they’ll enjoy this comic.

America’s Got Powers #1 (Image)
Image had previews of this one all over the internet, and I liked the concept so I figured I’d pick it up and check it out. I’m glad I did, this was a fun read for me, the story was more than I expected and I’m curious to see how all the elements and back stories come together on this one.

Avengers Assemble #2 (Marvel)
The Avengers, um, assemble to battle the new version of the Zodiac… which happens to be a much more powered up version of the Zodiac. This is the book that features all the movie Avengers in one fun Avengers team.

Green Lantern #8 (DC)
When DC started their whole Rainbow lantern thing, I had no idea how much mileage they’d get out of it. We’re starting to learn some of the secrets of the Indigo Tribe, and boy are there some surprises in this one. Not going to spoil much here, but if you’re enjoying the current GL run, you NEED to get this issue.

Maverick writes Monday Night Mav and Comic Roundup for Totally Driven TV.
Check out his blog for more.

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