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Mav’s Comic Round Up

Howdy kids,
We’re back again for another Comics Roundup. This one is officially my first for Totally Driven TV, so if you’re new here welcome. If you’ve read my ramblings before, welcome back. Let’s jump in and see what’s going on this week in the world of comics.

I was looking over some of the prototype pictures from Mattels new “Power Attack” Batman line of toys, I really like some of the character designs, although I’m not sold on all of them. However I think kids will like the line, as long as there isn’t too many neon talking super street Bat-Luge figures it should sell well.

With DC Nation on Saturday Mornings, and Marvel Universe on Sunday Mornings, it’s almost like being a kid again with great superhero cartoons to look forward to every weekend. Pass the sugar pops!

James Arnold Taylor and Ashley Eckstein were announced as hosts for Star Wars Weekends this year at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It’s a dream of mine to get down there one year for all the Star Wars craziness. Watching “Dance off with the Star Wars Stars” on YouTube is always a highlight of my summer. Maybe I can convince Totally Driven to send me down to cover the event?

Is it too soon to be hitting the powers that be up for a trip to Disney World in my first column? Guess we’ll find out.

I just read what I thought was a leftover April Fools Joke, however it’l looking like it’s going to happen. James Robinson and Philip Tan will be teaming up to write… Masters of the Universe for DC Comics. No seriously, it’s all over the internet. I’m oddly excited by this, as long as there’s plenty of Orko to go around. OK, I’m kidding about the Orko part.

The Pull List: (Quick reviews on the stuff I read this week)

AvX#1 (Marvel)
Marvel kicks off their next big crossover with a bang (Don’t believe me, check out my party report) This book essentially sets the table for the conflict to come, and does it well. I’ll be reading the rest of the main series for sure.

Dorothy of Oz #1 (IDW)
A prequel comic for the animated sequel to The Wizard of Oz that’s coming this summer. We meet The Wicked Jester and discover his connection to the Witches of Oz and get a glimpse of some of our old friends. Great art and a fun story. To me it was a nice surprise because I had NO idea this movie was coming, and since I love me some Wizard of Oz, I can’t wait to see this with my girls.

Danger Club #1 (Image)
A fun premise on this one. When the heroes of the world go off to fight an alien menace and never return what happens to the sidekicks? Well the sidekicks in the world of Danger Club go all Lord of The Flies. Well, most of them do anyway. Some of the characters definitely seemed familiar, but it’s the unusual mixture of characters that I liked. The book is surprisingly violent at times, but it raises the stakes of the world quickly. An intriguing book with great art from writer Landry Q. Walker and artist Eric Jones

Toy Story#2 (Disney)
While Andy is at a sleep over Woody arranges a “Camp out” for the Toys, which of course leads to scary stories. I liked this issue much better than number one, it was a more original story and had some fun moments for our favorite toys.

Daredevil #10 (Marvel)
Matt Murdoch ‘s newest client has it in for Murdoch, and Daredevil realizes it’s only a matter of time until Megacrime makes their next move against him. This is one of those goofy point one issues from Marvel, where they make it “Accessible” for new readers. The problem is, unless you know what the point one on the cover is for, then it pretty much is a useless gesture. Still Mark Waid’s run on DD continues to be excellent and this issue is not only accessible it moves the story along. The idea of Mega Crime is fun. Several supervillain groups working together, all distrusting each other, because, you know, their villains. We know it’s going to implode into a bigger problem down the line, and waiting got that to happen is half the fun.

Invincible #90 (Image)
There’s a new Invincible in town and while he’s having trouble filling the Invincible costume, he’s very eager to fill some of Invincible’s other um, spots. Another great issue of revelations, battles art and story. Kirkman and company never let me down as this continues to be one of the best Superhero universes out there. The march to issue #100 is on and things continue to climb to what should be an epic hundredth issue.

Detective #8 (DC)
Scarecrow comes to the “New 52” as he sends Batman on a chase through Gotham. Interesting twists and turns and a few other guest stars. The Batman books are still the gems of the New 52. I liked this better than the previous Penguin story arc. The book had a back up feature starring Two Face.

Lone Ranger #4 (Dynamite)
When we last left The Lone Ranger, he and Tonto were in dire straits. In this issue, things seem to be getting worse if that’s at all possible. I really like the new series, and the villain of this arc. He seems like someone perfect for the Lone Ranger and Tonto to tackle.

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