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Mav’s Comic Roundup : 2/22/13


Mav’s Comic Roundup : 2/22/13

by Maverick

Howdy friends,

comicbooksquadIf you listened to this weeks Totally Driven Radio program then you’ve heard the big news.  If not, I will happily share again.  I’ll be hosting a brand new comic book review and discussion show on the VOC Radio Nation starting March 18 at 9PM!  We’re calling the programThe Comic Book Squad radio hour (or just Comic Book Squad for short)  my cohost will be Frank Naimoli, who is the current cohost of Totally Driven Radio and a fellow comic book geek.  We’re gonna do all we can to make the show a fun celebration of comics and everything related to comics so please check it out.

The radio show is just the beginning of the comic fun, check out ComicBookSquad.Com to learn more.

Since the radio show will be airing every Monday, I’m moving the Comic Roundup to Friday. so make sure you keep looking for it here on TotallyDriven.TV

And now some Comic Craziness…

I’m thrilled by the support for the Kickstarter campaign of Art and Franco, the genius creative team behind Tiny Titans and Patrick the Wolfboy.  They’re preparing to launch a new all-ages comic based on the 544409_239714442831390_1659430012_ncharacter mascots of their comic book store Aw Yeah Comics.  The campaign has smashed all expectations and has the support of a large fan base as well as many comic creators who have all pitched in.  I made my donation and can’t wait to read these books.  Check out some of the art at the bottom of the column, it looks like fun, right?
(Photo Credit: Oh Yeah Comics)

Batman #17 is out and lots of people are buzzing about the ending of the “Death of the Family” storyline, Some liked the “Jokes on you” ending, others hated it.  I’m OK with it because they didn’t do anything that’ll need superbly to punch a wall to fix in a few years.

The  buzz surrounding next weeks Batman Inc. #8 is off the page.  It’s sold out at Diamond and already going into second print.  If the cover is to be believed, and they often  shouldn’t, then there will be shockwaves sent through the Batman family of books in the coming weeks.  Wanna know what happens?  google the issue.

Did you read Batwoman #17 yet? I talked about it some on Thursday nights Totally Driven radio, but I have to say, I’m curious to see how it pans out.  Marriages in comics are always shaky, but we haven’t had too much chance to see how a same sex marriage pans out.  IF she says yes that it.

Out of curiosity I checked out Nova #1 based on the new Nova that’s appearing in the Ultimate Spiderman animated series.  The book definitely has me curious to check out more.

My youngest daughter is absolutely insane about this summers Hello Kitty Comic from Viz Media.  Well I found out this morning a preview issue will be available during Free Comic Book Day.  I haven’t told her yet, but I imagine there will be much screaming.

I’m going to wrap it up here for this week, thanks for reading.

Tune in next week, same Mav time, same Mav Channel…

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