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Maverick’s Comic Roundup Review : Man-Thing #1 ($3.99 Marvel Comics)

Man-Thing #1 ($3.99 Marvel Comics)
Writer:  R.L. Stine
Artist:  German Peralta

Acclaimed horror writer R.L. Stine jumps to the world of comic books and I can’t think of a better choice for his first book than one of the most recognizable of Marvel’s classic horror characters.
I was really surprised… In a good way, by Stine’s set up. Having Man-Thing trying to find work as an actor was definitely different and an interesting take on the character.  The fact that a giant swamp monster would have to worry about stuff like his likability numbers was amusing.  The issue recaps Man-Thing’s origin and how far he’s come since then only to get an abrupt and very real reminder of the monster he used to be when he’s attacked by a primitive version of himself.
German Peralta’s Art is very detailed and the colors work very well with the story, setting the mood well for the series.  There are also several variant covers to celebrate the launch.

The back up story features a more classic “tales of suspense” type tale featuring a mysterious ring, a beautiful woman and an unscrupulous suitor that ends very much like these tales often do.  It’s a fun addition if your a fan of those classic stories.

Fans of goosebumps or Stine’s other works should enjoy the series and his take on Man-Thing, it’s an interesting start and I imagine the twists, turns and suspense will be plentiful in the issues to come.

Masked wrestling cowboy The Maverick is the host of Maverick’s Comic Roundup heard Sunday Mornings at 9am and Retro Rasslin’ Radio heard Friday Nights at 9pm on the Totally Driven Radio Network and also writes comic reviews for Totally Driven’s website.  He is the host of the “Galactic Clubhouse” Star Wars family podcast and writes comic book reviews for Comic Universe.

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